EIG hosted the inaugural #EconTwitterIRL Conference at Decades retro arcade and bowling alley in Lancaster, PA, alongside the Institute for Progress. Attendees heard panel discussions from experts and journalists on issues ranging from the CHIPS Act to immigration policy, a live episode of the “Odd Lots” podcast, and played #EconTwitter Trivia.


Event Speakers

Adam Ozimek

Chief Economist

Economic Innovation Group

Caleb Watney

Co-founder and Co-CEO

Institute for Progress

Joe Weisenthal


Odd Lots, Bloomberg

Tracy Alloway


Odd Lots, Bloomberg

Matthew Yglesias

Blogger, Journalist, and Podcaster

Slow Boring

Dan Wang

Visiting Scholar and Technology Analyst

Yale Law School and Gavekal Dragonomics

Matt Clancy

Research Fellow

Open Philanthropy

Eli Dourado

Senior Research Fellow

Center for Growth and Opportunity

Heidi Williams

Charles R. Schwab Professor of Economics

Stanford University

Daniel Di Martino


Manhattan Institute

Garett Jones

Associate Professor of Economics

George Mason University

Leah Boustan

Professor of Economics

Princeton University

Cardiff Garcia


Bazaar Audio

Ryan Radia

Research Fellow and Regulatory Counsel

Competitive Enterprise Institute

Jeremiah Johnson

Co-Founder and Political Director

Center for New Liberalism at the Progressive Policy Institute

Matt Darling

Employment Policy Fellow

Niskanen Center

Alec Stapp

Co-founder and Co-CEO

Institute for Progress

John Lettieri

President and CEO

Economic Innovation Group