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How the 2020 Election Deepened America’s White-Collar/Blue-Collar Split

/   Aaron Zitner and Dante Chinni, Wall Street Journal

The job and wage growth that President Trump hoped would propel him to a second term was particularly strong in metropolitan America. Yet the Americans who live where the economy is thriving most—in the nation’s cities and their surrounding communities—voted to reject the president. Mr. Trump won Texas but lost the county that includes Fort…

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Despite Challenges, Opportunity Zones Provide Much-Needed Capital

/   Joe Gose, New York Times

Following a slow rollout of rules governing opportunity zones, a program Congress approved three years ago to encourage investment in low-income neighborhoods, developers have pumped billions of dollars into the zones nationwide, even in the midst of the pandemic. The program has drawn myriad detractors, including critics who charge investors are using it simply to avoid paying…

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The biggest Trump-era job gains were in counties that Biden won

Counties that Biden won in the 2020 presidential election accounted for 68 percent of U.S. job growth from 2016 to 2019. By flipping Maricopa County, Arizona, which had gone to the Republican candidate in the past three presidential elections, Biden was able to win 19 of the 20 counties that had the biggest increases in…

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OZ Webinar Series | Election Analysis: What Lies Ahead for Opportunity Zones

Join the Economic Innovation Group and guest speakers on Monday, November 16 for expert insights on how the Opportunity Zones policy may be shaped by the Biden Administration and future Congressional action. Speakers will discuss the outlook for enacting legislative measures in the lame duck session and 117th Congress, as...

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Delivering Opportunity in Indiana

Join the Economic Innovation Group (EIG) and the Opportunity Investment Consortium of Indiana on Wednesday, November 18 to learn about the launch of “Delivering Opportunity,” an analytic and strategy playbook developed by EIG to help Indiana maximize the community and economic development impact of its designated Opportunity Zones. Following a...

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OZ Webinar Series: Evaluating the Impact of Opportunity Zones Investments

This is a past event. View a recording of the webinar and EIG’s key takeaways for more information.  Join the Economic Innovation Group on Thursday, October 29 to learn about the methods Opportunity Fund managers are using to screen investment opportunities for impact. Guest speakers from Catalyst Opportunity Funds and...

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