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EIG Launches Interactive Map Highlighting Innovative Opportunity Zone Activity

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The Rust Belt’s Untapped Potential

/   Charles F. McElwee, City Journal

In this week’s City Talk, John Lettieri discussed the media’s misunderstanding of the Rust Belt, demographic challenges in struggling communities, the federal opportunity zone program, and more with Charles F. McElwee, assistant editor of City Journal. Lettieri is cofounder, president, and CEO of the Economic Innovation Group (EIG), where he leads efforts to study and…

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As Mayor, Buttigieg Drove City Growth, Picked Up Critics Along the Way

/   Aaron Zitner, Wall Street Journal

Pete Buttigieg was in high school when he started talking about redrawing traffic patterns to make his city’s troubled downtown more inviting. Even his friends thought that was a bit unusual. “There was a fair amount of teasing: ‘What are you talking about?’ ” recalled James Mueller, a classmate and later a political ally. “He…

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How the American millennial is overcoming debt, the dollar, and the economy they were handed

/   Hillary Hoffower, Business Insider

The day Daniela Capparelli graduated, a letter was waiting in her mailbox. But it wasn’t a congratulatory card. It was a notice from the loan agency Sallie Mae. Capparelli would owe $1,498 in monthly payments on her student loans that would, after reconsolidation, take 30 years to pay off. The 35-year-old graduated from the University…

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OZ Webinar Series: Latest Insights from the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council

Join the Economic Innovation Group and Alfonso Costa, Jr., Deputy Chief of Staff at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, for an in-depth discussion of the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council’s recent report on activities completed by the Council in its first year.  The Council, which is...

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OZ Webinar Series: The Substance and Significance of the Final Regulations on Opportunity Zones

Register Here Join the Economic Innovation Group, Steptoe, and Novogradac for a webinar on the final regulations on Opportunity Zones, which Treasury and the IRS released on December 19, 2019. Expert speakers will provide a detailed overview of key provisions, discuss how the newly-minted rules may influence investment activity, and...

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OZ Webinar Series: Housing Experts Share Insights into Opportunity Zone Investments for Affordable Homes

Many communities across the nation collectively face housing challenges due to a lack of homes that are affordably priced for low-income and working families. However, each city grapples with a unique set of circumstances that necessitate tailored solutions and flexible financing to address local housing challenges. For this reason, state...

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