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The 10 Most Innovative State Economies in America – and the 10 Least

/   Eric Pianin, The Fiscal Times

While many states still haven’t fully recovered from the Great Recession, a new study by a bipartisan public policy group concludes that Nevada, Utah, Colorado and other states west of the Mississippi River have shown far more economic resilience and innovation than states in the eastern part of the country. … By: Eric Pianin – The…

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Rural America is the new ‘inner city’

/   Janet Adamy and Paul Overberg, The Wall Street Jouranl

Well into the mid-1990s, the nation’s smallest counties were home to almost one-third of all net new business establishments, more than twice the share spawned in the largest counties, according to the Economic Innovation Group, a bipartisan public-policy organization. Employers offering private health insurance propped up medical centers that gave rural residents access to reliable…

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Growing evidence that slow U.S. economic growth is not false news

/   John M. Mason, Seeking Alpha

Just a handful of large metro areas have been able to spread economic gains across all classes and races. What’s their secret? … By: John M. Mason – Seeking Alpha Read the full article here.

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Colorado economy remains limber even as nation’s stiffens

/   Aldo Svaldi, The Denver Post

A robust labor market and an inflow of newcomers are providing Colorado with one of the most dynamic economies in the country, according to the Economic Innovation Group’s Index of State Dynamism. … By: Aldo Svaldi – The Denver Post Read the full article here.

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FT: ‘Economic Dynamism’ plunging across America

/   Justin Ledvina, Newsline

New research warns that America has essentially lost its economic mojo and must somehow get its groove back. Just seven U.S. states have bucked this long-term trend since the last recession, the Financial Times reported. … By: Justin Ledvina – Newsline Read the full article here.

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