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Student loan debt hinders Millennial entrepreneurs

/   Ahmad El-Najjar, Small Business Majority

America is facing a crisis so serious that it has the potential to cripple an entire generation of would-be entrepreneurs. Thanks to student loans, a whopping $1.3 trillion in debt is burdening 44 million American adults of all ages—even senior citizens. In fact, U.S. student loan debt is greater than the combined credit card debt…

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The big squeeze on Wisconsin’s entrepreneurs

/   David D. Haynes, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

After my column on non-compete clauses was published earlier today, I heard back from a two more sources. Steve Glickman is a co-founder of the Economic Innovation Group, a bipartisan policy organization that analyzes data on the connection between innovation and economic growth. Glickman’s take: “Non-competes, which cover roughly 20% of American workers, reduce economic dynamism by…

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Unlike most cities, Charleston has added businesses since the recession

/   Thad Moore, The Post and Courier

Their new company had graduated from a garage to a warehouse, and it had gone from a nights-and-weekends pursuit a full-time endeavor. So last fall, Jim Luby and Drew Wynne decided to quit their jobs. Barista Vending had gone from selling iced coffee at the farmers market to distributing kegs of their cold brew to…

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Fewer startups a reason for worry, but solutions exist in NC

/   Christopher Gergen and Stephen Martin, The News & Observer

There are many indicators of economic health in a state, including job growth, capital investment and new real estate development to name a few. But a recent report from the Economic Innovation Group has analyzed economic dynamism through another lens: the number of new firms born versus the number of new firms that die. Essentially,…

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New Anti-Poverty Legislation Aimed at Private Investors

/   Alexandra DeSanctis, National Review

A bipartisan group of congressmen recently introduced a new bill intended to reinvigorate America’s poorest communities. The Investing in Opportunity Act (IOA) will allow investors to temporarily delay paying capital-gains taxes on their investments if they choose to reinvest the money into “opportunity zones” or distressed communities across the country. The legislation was cosponsored in…

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