It’s Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), and EIG has used the occasion to pull together the latest and greatest readings on the state of entrepreneurship in the United States.  GEW is a global celebration of entrepreneurs and everything they represent—ideas, risk, opportunity, development.  And while the United States remains one of the most entrepreneurial nations on earth, this traditional engine of the U.S. economy and driver of U.S. competitiveness is sputtering.

Entrepreneurship was in a long-term decline before the recession, and startup rates have fallen even further since.  This compilation of materials is intended to bring awareness to these and other trends and their implications for the United States.  Keep coming back to EIG in the future for data-driven resources and innovative ideas to empower entrepreneurs in their quest to forge a more dynamic American economy. And check out our Twitter feed — @InnovateEconomy — for useful information from EIG and others that care about entrepreneurship.


Download our Guide to the Latest Research and Analysis on Entrepreneurship in the United States.


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