The Economic Innovation Group partnered with the Minority Business Development Agency and The Enterprise Center in March to convene investors, government officials, community members, developers, and entrepreneurs for a discussion on Opportunity Zones. Rachel Reilly interviewed Bruce Katz, co-founder and director of the Nowak Metro Finance Lab at Drexel University, regarding his work with city leaders throughout the nation in their efforts to attract investment in projects and businesses that further inclusive economic growth.

During this discussion, Bruce explained why many cities, regions, and states should consider creating an Opportunity Zones Investment Prospectus. To-date, more than 30 cities have created a prospectus to communicate their competitive advantages, trigger local partnerships, and identify investments that are ready for public, private and civic capital. Leaders in these cities are proactively identifying ways to leverage Opportunity Zones to expand economic opportunities for places and people left behind, knowing that deliberate and purposeful action is necessary to spur growth that is inclusive, sustainable and truly transformative for each city’s economy.

Listen as Bruce explains how communities are engaging to create a prospectus tailored to their investment needs.

Credit: The Enterprise Center

Opportunity Zones 

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