Today, the Department of the Treasury issued a technical correction to the Opportunity Zone data from the February 8, 2018 release. This update reflects a more inclusive census tract contiguity analysis and corrects some data errors in the original file. It now includes qualified high migration tracts, low-population tracts within Empowerment Zones, and territorial data that meet the definition of a Low-Income Community (LIC) but were excluded from earlier data. In total, these corrections resulted in 168 additional LIC Tracts (including 76 previously listed as Eligible Non-LIC Contiguous Tracts) and 1,007 additional Eligible Non-LIC Contiguous Tracts added to the Information Resource. In addition, 72 Non-LIC Contiguous Tracts were removed from eligibility.

For a map of all census tracts eligible for designation as a Qualified Opportunity Zone, click here.

For more information from the Department of the Treasury on Opportunity Zones, click here.

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