The Economic Innovation Group (EIG) was formed in 2015 as a bipartisan public policy organization to forge a more dynamic economy throughout America. EIG has since become a national leader on economic issues including geographic inequality, economic dynamism, wealth building, rural development, and more. In 2022, EIG is reflecting on milestones from the past seven years and is proud to share perspectives from policymakers, academics and other researchers, as well as industry leaders on some of EIG’s most impactful partnerships and achievements.

Read a letter from EIG President and CEO John Lettieri


EIG launched in 2015 with the goal of creating a bipartisan outpost for insightful research and creative, data-driven policy solutions to forge a more dynamic American economy. This spring, we are excited to be celebrating the organization’s seventh anniversary.

Why mark year seven? We had originally planned to celebrate our 5-year milestone in 2020, but had to put those plans on hold with the onset of the pandemic. At the time, we hoped it would be only a brief pause. Fast forward two years, much has changed at EIG. We have grown our team, launched new projects, tackled new issues, and, today, rolled out a revamped website. After a period of so many changes and challenges, we thought the time was right not only to reflect on what the organization has accomplished so far, but also to express our gratitude to the national network of friends and partners who helped make it all possible.

So, on behalf of the entire EIG team, I want to thank you for the enthusiasm and support you’ve shown for our work over the years. You have challenged and inspired us every step of the way. While much has changed since those early days of 2015, we believe our mission on behalf of American workers, entrepreneurs, and communities is as urgent as ever. We look forward to continuing the work together in the years to come.

With gratitude,


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