The American economy is still dynamic and robust — the best in the world in many ways, and there are plenty of smart, innovative companies in Wisconsin. Think Epic Systems, Johnson Controls or Ariens.

But beneath the thin veneer of rosy topline economic statistics, most of which look good right now, I see some signs for concern.

And here’s what I worry about the most: A declining entrepreneurial spirit in America.

The Great Recession knocked the stuffing out of the nation’s entrepreneurs. While the rates for start-ups had been falling for decades, the pummeling of the recession caused something we haven’t seen before. For three straight years, 2009-2011, the number of companies closing up shop exceeded the number of companies that opened their doors. And ever since then, the annual increases have been anemic at best.

Those are among the many findings in a provocative new report on U.S. economic dynamism by the nonpartisan Economic Innovation Group.

By: David D. Haynes, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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Economic Dynamism 

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