Speaker Paul Ryan’s Senior Tax Counsel, George Callas, led a discussion on tax reform Wednesday at an invitation-only luncheon hosted by Steptoe & Johnson at Sonoma Restaurant & Wine Bar. On hand from Steptoe’s tax team were firm Chair Phil West, who previously served as Treasury’s international tax counsel; Lisa Zarlenga and Cameron Arterton, who served as Treasury’s tax legislative counsel and deputy legislative counsel, respectively; and Leslie Belcher, a Hill veteran and close friend ofRyan and his wife, Janna. Attendees included Dell’s Jill Shapiro, the Economic Innovation Group’s John Lettieri, Fluor Corporation’s David Marventano, NAIFA’s Judi Carsrud and Paul Dougherty, P&G’s Timothy McDonald, TD Bank’s Ron Lefrançois, and The Carlyle Group’s Shannon Stafford.

By: Isaac Arnsdorf, Politico

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