In 1969, the median household income in Danville, Pittsylvania County and the United States were all within a few dollars of each other — right around $8,000.

By 2015, the comparable numbers were approximately $65,000 for Virginia, $56,000 for the United States, $42,000 for Pittsylvania County and $34,000 for Danville. (For more information, see our updated 2017 Regional Report Card at our website

1969 is also the year when national and regional employment in manufacturing peaked and has declined ever since.

Most recently, more of the United States is experiencing patterns more like the Dan River Region did decades ago. The Economic Innovation Group last month released a powerful report entitled “Dynamism in Retreat” that shows how the creation of new firms nationwide has dropped by approximately 50 percent in about 40 years, which has led to less demand for workers and downward pressure on wages.

By: Karl Stauber, GoDan River

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Economic Dynamism 

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