VentureBeat BLUEPRINT 2018

Nevada Museum of Art

03.05.2018 - 03.07.2018

Tech companies on the coasts are finding it more difficult to attract and retain talent due to rising costs and quality of life impacts. Meanwhile, America’s fly over states are seeing an incredible tech resurgence and could offer up a solution to traditional tech centers looking for an HQ2 expansion. To showcase this trend, VentureBeat hosted BLUEPRINT, an event to build on existing success stories that have allowed high-growth tech companies to create jobs and expand the wealth beyond the coasts — and optimize profitability for coastal tech companies and other large employers by relocating some of their business activities to the heartland.

Steve Glickman, Executive Director of the Economic Innovation Group, delivered a presentation on “Opportunity Zones: The Largest Community Investment Program in a Generation.”

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Event Speakers

Steve Glickman

Executive Director

Economic Innovation Group

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