On Thursday, March 30, the Economic Innovation Group and Revolution brought together legislators, journalists, and a group of more than 100 founders, business leaders, and investors from the 26 cities visited on Steve Case’s and Revolution’s Rise of the Rest bus tour to discuss the current state of entrepreneurship across the United States.

Given the disparity in distribution of venture capital across the country—last year, 78% of venture capital dollars went to CA, NY and MA—it is no surprise that people in other places feel left out by our increasingly digitized economy. This event provided an opportunity for startup founders, entrepreneurs, and ecosystem builders to hear from policymakers and discuss how federal policy can help address the disparity in opportunity and spur entrepreneurship across the country.

Event Sponsors

Event Speakers

Steve Glickman

Co-founder and Executive Director

Economic Innovation Group

John Lettieri

Co-founder and Senior Director for Policy and Strategy

Economic Innovation Group

Steve Case

Co-founder and CEO


Kim Hart

Tech Editor


Sen. Mark Warner

D - VA

Sen. Ben Sasse

R - NE

Rep. Barbara Comstock

R - VA - 10

Rep. Ro Khanna

D - CA - 17

Jill Ford

Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

City of Detroit

Deepinder Singh

Co-founder and CEO


Scott Tolleson

Managing Director


Jonathan Stahler

Deputy Chief of Staff

Office of Sen. Chris Coons

Nick Rossi

Staff Director

U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, & Transportation