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Join the Economic Innovation Group on Wednesday, March 2, to learn about the current state of the Opportunity Zones (OZ) marketplace and gain insights into 2021 investment activity. 

The OZ marketplace has expanded year-over-year since the policy was enacted in late 2017. The promulgation of final regulations in December 2019 provided a foundation to establish market norms and encourage broader participation from an increasingly diverse group of stakeholders. In 2020, estimates from the White House Council of Economic Advisers painted a picture of an OZ investment marketplace totaling over $75 billion. Early estimates indicate that 2021 was a banner year marked by expanded adoption of the policy, increased investment, and routinization of models to deliver capital to distressed communities throughout the nation. 

During this webinar, Michael Novogradac, Managing Partner of Novogradac, will share an overview of the recently released Novogradac Opportunity Zones Investment Report: Data Through December 31, 2021. Speakers will also provide insights on the OZ marketplace and discuss what lies ahead in 2022 and beyond. .


Join us March 2, 2022, from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. ET

Recordings from previous webinars in the OZ Series can be found on the Economic Innovation Group’s Opportunity Zones Resources webpage.

Event Speakers

Michael Novogradac

Novogradac & Co.

Event Moderators

Rachel Reilly

Aces & Archers