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Join the Economic Innovation Group on Tuesday, April 26, for a discussion on how Opportunity Zones (OZ) financing can support the growth of early-stage companies and insights on expanding OZ investment strategies to include operating businesses.    

While OZ investment volume grew significantly in 2021, capital deployed to operating businesses represented a small fraction of overall activity. Government and community leaders continue to implement incentives and initiatives to encourage OZ investments in operating businesses and prepare companies to receive capital. For example, the Opportunity Zone Capital Accelerator in Colorado provides local business owners with individualized coaching and access to a national network of mentors, customers, corporate partners and investors. Recently introduced OZ legislation would provide states with grants to replicate and operationalize similar programs, and includes a provision that may make it easier to invest in operating businesses.  

During this webinar, speakers will share information about the Opportunity Zone Capital Accelerator, and provide insights on strategies for identifying and investing in early-stage companies. EIG will also provide a high-level overview of the Opportunity Zones Transparency, Extension, and Improvement Act, and the potential impact of select provisions included in the bill. 


Join us April 26, 2022, from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. ET

Recordings from previous webinars in the OZ Series can be found on the Economic Innovation Group’s Opportunity Zones Resources webpage.

Event Speakers

Troy Vosseller


Vanessa Huerta


Event Moderators

Rachel Reilly

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