One of America’s greatest strengths is the ability to attract talented entrepreneurs from around the world who come here to start businesses, create jobs, and help the U.S. remain the global leader in cutting-edge innovation.

EIG was proud to honor the impacts of immigrant entrepreneurs on the United States economy at the Immigration is Innovation Reception on Thursday, June 22nd. Steve Case, Chairman and CEO of Revolution and Co-Founder of AOL, and EIG President and CEO John Lettieri gave remarks followed by a short Q&A with Chicago-based SwipeSense Co-Founder Mert Hilmi Iseri and EIG’s Director of Policy Catherine Lyons. 

EIG screened a new video of three immigrant founders based in Chicago, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh in their own words sharing the hurdles they’ve overcome while building their companies and navigating the U.S. immigration system.

Event Speakers

Steve Case

CEO, Co-founder

Revolution, AOL

John Lettieri

Preisdent and CEO

Economic Innovation Group

Mert Hilmi Iseri



Catherine Lyons

Director of Policy

Economic Innovation Group