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The new edition of the Economic Innovation Group’s (EIG) Distressed Communities Index (DCI)—a robust interactive data tool for examining local economic well-being—reveals a divergent map of economic prosperity leading up to the Covid-19 pandemic. Based on the latest available data from 2016-2020, the DCI highlights how, even at the tail end of a decade of sustained economic growth, persistent economic and social disparities continued to weigh down the country’s most distressed regions, states, counties, and metro areas.

Following brief opening remarks from Research Director Kenan Fikri, Research Lead August Benzow and Research Analyst Daniel Newman will provide an overview of the latest interactive map, the economic data and methods behind the DCI, and topline findings from the first in a series of forthcoming analyses utilizing the latest DCI data. The second half of the webinar will provide an overview of the many different ways organizations and researchers can use the DCI in their work, from healthcare practitioners to affordable housing providers, governmental agencies, and corporate social responsibility teams.


Join EIG on Monday, November 7th from 1:00 – 1:45PM ET.

Event Speakers

Kenan Fikri

Research Director

August Benzow

Research Lead

Daniel Newman

Research and Policy Analyst