Event Overview

The 8th Annual Summit on the Economy, organized by the Governor’s Woods Foundation and the Economic Innovation Group, assembled a diverse array of economic thinkers, innovators, policymakers, technologists, business leaders, and media commentators who wrestled through the questions of how to best understand and tackle the vast challenges facing a changing, 21st century US economy.

A record number of attendees filled the Capital Hilton to hear from our speakers on topics ranging from fiscal responsibility, to fostering an innovation economy, to international trade, to reviving the American dream. Check out the full agenda, with video, here.




Event Speakers

Kristen Soltis Anderson


Echelon Insights

The Honorable Gerard Araud

French Ambassador to the US

Byron Auguste

CEO & Co-Founder


Krystal Ball


People's Housing Project

Molly Ball

National Political Correspondent, Analyst


Dr. Jared Bernstein


Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Sen. Cory Booker

Senator (D-NJ)

U.S. Senate

Rep. Joaquin Castro

Congresman (D-TX-20)

U.S. House of Representatives

Steve Clemons

Washington Editor at Large

The Atlantic

James Crabtree

Associate Professor of Practice, Lee Kuan School of Public Policy

National University of Singapore and Author of The Billionaire Raj

Rep. Suzan Delbene

Congresswoman (D-WA)

U.S. House of Representatives

Dr. Doug Holtz-Eakin


American Action Forum

Sam Fleming

U.S. Economics Editor

Financial Times

Dr. Joseph Gagnon

Senior Fellow

Peterson Institute for International Economics

Steve Glickman

Co-Founder and CEO

Economic Innovation Group

Craig Gordon

Washington Bureau Chief

Bloomberg News

Dr. Kevin Hassett


Council of Economic Advisors

The Honorable Kirsten Hillman

Canada's Deputy Ambassador to the U.S.

Greg Ip

Chief Economics Commentator

Wall Street Journal

Mitch Landrieu

Former Mayor

New Orleans, LA

John Lettieri

Co-Founder & President

Economic Innovation Group

Scott Lincicome

Adjunct Scholar

CATO Institute

Sen. Joe Manchin

Senator (D-WV)

U.S. Senate

Megan McArdle


Washington Post

The Honorable Ashok Kumar Mirpuri

Singapore's Ambassador to the U.S.

Kevin Nolan

President & CEO

GE Appliances

Spencer Overton


Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies

Dr. Adam Ozimek


Moody's Analytics

Scott Paul


Alliance for American Manufacturing

Caroline Ratcliffe

Senior Fellow & Co-director

Opportunity and Ownership Initiative, Urban Institute

Dr. Richard Reeves

Senior Fellow in Economic Studies

The Brookings Institution

Dr. Alice Rivlin

Senior Fellow

The Brookings Institution

Sen. Tim Scott

Senator (R-SC)

U.S. Senate

Kristin Sharp

Executive Director

Initiative on Work, Workers, and Technology, New America

Michael Steele

Political Analyst


Ana Swanson

Domestic Correspondent

New York Times

Jim Tankersly

Tax and Economics Reporter

New York Times

Richard Vague


The Governor's Woods Foundation

Dr. Scott Winship

Project Director

Office of the Vice Chairman, Joint Economic Committee

Dr. Mark Zandi

Chief Economist

Moody's Analytics