Washington, D.C. – The Economic Innovation Group (EIG) applauds the high-skilled immigration provisions included in the America COMPETES Act, including the establishment of a Startup Visa category and the exemption of foreign STEM PhD graduates from immigration visa limits. 

“It’s simple: letting in more highly skilled immigrants would boost overall economic growth, innovation, and prosperity in America,” said John Lettieri, President and CEO of EIG. “The immigration provisions of the America COMPETES Act would provide more pathways for immigrant entrepreneurs and STEM graduates to contribute to the vitality of the U.S. economy.”

Other notable provisions in the bill include: Rural STEM Education Research; the Regional Technology and Innovation Hub Program; Trade Adjustment Assistance for Communities; and the RECOMPETE Pilot Program, which would provide place-based grant funding to spur economic development in left-behind regions.

EIG has previously called on Congress to enact bold reforms to the immigration system, including a startup visa and a place-based visa program for struggling communities, that would enable the U.S. to better attract skilled workers and entrepreneurs who can make our economy stronger. Last year, Lettieri testified on these issues before the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcomittee on Immigration and Citizenship.

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