Washington, D.C. – The Economic Innovation Group (EIG) applauds the Biden administration’s announcement to revive and fully launch the International Entrepreneur Rule (IER) which would allow foreign startup founders to build high-growth companies in the U.S. by using the Department of Homeland Security’s parole authority.

“Startups fuel the dynamism of the American economy,” said John Lettieri, President and CEO of EIG. “As the country works to recover from the economic fallout of the pandemic, now is the time to harness the power of skilled immigration to spur entrepreneurship, economic growth, and job creation that will benefit all Americans. EIG applauds the Biden administration’s decision to revive the IER.”

EIG’s analysis shows that restricting legal immigration threatens the health of the U.S. economy. A coalition of organizations that support pro-entrepreneurship policies, including EIG, recently called on President Biden to implement the IER. Our support of the IER dates back to its introduction as a proposal in 2016. 

EIG has also advocated for establishing a Heartland Visas program aimed at opening new pathways to connect skilled workers with regions struggling to reverse economic and demographic declines. Such a program would open a new door — without reducing the slots available through other programs — for skilled workers who could meet a range of local needs, from helping grow a local robotics hub, to filling small-town physician shortages. 

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