Today, the U.S. Senate approved the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The bipartisan Economic Innovation Group (EIG) released the following statement:

“EIG applauds the United States Senate for including the bipartisan Investing in Opportunity Act in its comprehensive tax reform package. In spite of years of national growth, tens of millions of Americans live in communities that have seen no meaningful recovery from the Great Recession. Tax reform is a uniquely important opportunity to ensure the tax code facilitates broader access to capital for entrepreneurs and businesses in struggling areas. The Investing in Opportunity Act, led by Senators Scott (R-SC) and Booker (D-NJ), is a low-cost, innovative way of connecting low-income communities in every state with the capital they desperately need in order to thrive. Few tax proposals have more bipartisan support—or address a more urgent economic challenge—than the Investing in Opportunity Act. EIG looks forward to working with leaders in Congress as they begin to bridge the differences between their plans to ensure it is included in the final tax reform product.”

The Investing in Opportunity Act is a bipartisan policy solution designed to create new job opportunities, expand entrepreneurship, and increase access to capital for struggling communities across the country. Visit this page to learn more.

About the Economic Innovation Group (EIG)

The Economic Innovation Group (EIG) is an ideas laboratory and advocacy organization whose mission is to advance solutions that empower entrepreneurs and investors to forge a more dynamic American economy. Headquartered in Washington, D.C. and led by an experienced, bipartisan team, EIG convenes leading experts from the public and private sectors, develops original policy research, and works to advance creative legislative proposals that will bring new jobs, investment, and economic growth to communities across the nation. For more information, visit

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