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Forget pool tables: Young people must demand traditional job security and benefits

/   Colette Sexton, Image

Did you know that millennials don’t want jobs for life?

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Impact Investing Offers Opportunity Zones Reporting Framework

/   Tanya Sterling, GlobeSt

Since July 2018, the co-authors collaborated with investors, asset managers, policy experts, academics, and community stakeholders as they sought to create these Opportunity Zone guidelines.

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Jump Starting Economic Dynamism with Ecosystem Building

/   Jeff Bennett, Medium

Economic Dynamism — if you’re not an economist it’s a term that you probably haven’t heard often, if ever.

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Why is South Loop afforded a great opportunity?

/   Pam Pommer, Sun Current

In the Bloomington Briefing last August, Mayor Gene Winstead announced that the South Loop was now an “Opportunity Zone.”

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Turning Opportunity Zones Into Real Opportunities With Launch Pad

/   Dane Stangler, Forbes

Opportunity Zones are the new frontier of economic development.

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