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In Superstar Cities, the Rich Get Richer, and They Get Amazon

/   Emily Badger, New York Times

In the end, even Amazon has behaved according to this rule: In the modern tech economy, cities that already have wealth, opportunity, highly educated workers and high salaries will just keep attracting more of them.

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Amazon HQ2: The pros and cons of choosing two cities

/   Kaya Yurieff, CNN

In a surprise twist, Amazon reportedly plans to divide its second headquarters between two cities.

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How the economy is playing in five close House races

/   Lydia DePillis, CNN

All of them play out against the backdrop of whatever’s going on in the economy, and whether voters feel they have more jobs and better wages because of the party in power.

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Opportunity Zones Conference Brings Excitement, Anticipation

/   Brad Stanhope, Novogradac

The inaugural Novogradac Opportunity Zones Conference was in The Big Easy–and while the opportunity zones (OZ) incentive is potentially big, it’s not easy.

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How ‘Opportunity Zones’ Could Transform Communities

/   Anne Kim, Governing Magazine

Twenty years ago, the rural hamlet of South Boston, Va., was a thriving blue-collar, middle-class community.

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