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Here are the 8,700 census tracts certified as Opportunity Zones.

/   Dennis Price, Impact Alpha

It’s official: Some census tracts are more equal than others. The Treasury Department certified 8,700 census tracts across the U.S. that are eligible for investments by new Opportunity Funds, for which investors can defer and reduce their capital gains tax bills. The Economic Innovation Group, which pushed for the policy, has put together a searchable map and analysis of…

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Impact investors mobilize around inclusive Opportunity Zones.

/   Dennis Price, Impact Alpha

The passage of the Investing in Opportunity Act created equal parts enthusiasm and anxiety. Now, worry has, at least in part, begun to shift toward a mobilization of resources, networks and identified best practices for effective community investment.

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Map plots Houston’s most economically distressed areas

/   Fernando Alfonso III, Houston Chronicle

A bulk of Houston’s most distressed areas can be found in the city’s northeast and southeast sides, according to an analysis by the Economic Innovation Group (EIG), a public policy organization founded in 2013. EIG’s Distressed Communities Index (DCI) took seven metrics and combined them into a single measurement of community economic well-being.

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Opportunity Zones are designed to address economic inequality within a community

/   Anjalee Khemlani, ROI NJ

Booker (D-N.J.) said Opportunity Zones, which are an attempt to tap nearly $6 trillion in unrealized capital, are a new tool in the toolboxes for businesses, which is also creating a moral case for investment in urban and rural areas. “I’m very proud that I’ve given the real practitioners of civic society, not senators or…

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Left Economy, Right Economy

/   Annie Lowrey, The Atlantic

Republicans and Democrats are looking at the same set of facts and suddenly seeing very different things.

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