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Opportunity knocks in the US for rundown areas — and investors

/   Joshua Chaffin, Financial Times

Supporters see the new zones as a bold plan to develop poor areas

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Bringing investment to poor places

Will opportunity zones work? Or are they just a tax break for America’s wealthiest?

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When Investing in Opportunity Zones, Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Relationships

/   Tara Lerman, Bisnow

Last month, the IRS released a set of long-awaited regulations on opportunity zones.

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San Jose metro is nation’s 9th most prosperous: report

/   Leonardo Castaneda, Mercury News

With a majority of its residents in comfortable neighborhoods, the San Jose metropolitan area is the ninth most prosperous in the nation, according to a report ranking the level of distress in U.S. communities.

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Amazon and the troubling rise of superstar cities

/   Mark Trumbull, Christian Science Monitor

The decision by Amazon to add new “headquarters” in New York and metro Washington, D.C., has laid bare a stark economic fact: Rich cities keep getting richer, while many other places are left behind in the race for new investment and jobs.

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