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Immigration May Be Our Salvation: 41% of U.S. Counties Experience Japan-Level Population Decline

/   Clare Martin, Paste Magazine

A new report released by the Economic Innovation Group has revealed an increasingly grim present and future for the United States, especially those corners of the oft-romanticized heartland, in terms of population growth.

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Small towns are dying everywhere but here

/   David J. Lynch, The Washington Post

As small towns elsewhere saw prosperity pass them by in favor of the big cities, something unusual happened to this rural hamlet tucked in the Bitterroot Valley: It flourished.

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Real Time Economics: What Else We’re Reading

/   Staff, Wall Street Journal

Population loss isn’t just a symptom of local economic challenges. It’s a cause.

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Visas for the Heartland

/   Michael R. Strain, National Review

U.S. population growth is at an 80-year low. And the population of the United States is growing unevenly.

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New report suggests visas for skilled immigrants to struggling U.S. counties

/   Staff, Axios

The U.S. already has a special visa to attract foreign doctors to treat rural Americans — now a new report suggests expanding that to all skilled immigrants who’d be willing to settle in areas facing long-term demographic problems.

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