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An anti-poverty program even conservatives can love

/   Oren Cass, Politico

For most of America, it’s been the economic recovery that wasn’t.

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Fighting the Geography of Discontent

/   Clara Hendrickson, Mark Muro, & William A. Galston, The American Interest

Neoliberal policy failures have played a critical role in shaping today’s regionally splintered political landscape.

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The Biggest, Richest Cities Won Amazon, and Everything Else. What Now for the Rest?

/   Neil Irwin, New York Times

Various approaches could lessen the economic shocks that globalization and technological change have delivered. Some might even be bipartisan.

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Trump Tax Break Aims to Turn Distressed Areas Into ‘Opportunity Zones’

/   Sophie Quinton, Pew Research

David Dragoo’s two companies own 164 acres of former farmland along the Uncompahgre River near downtown Montrose, Colorado.

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If you want to see the future of work, don’t look to Amazon HQ2

/   Stephane Kasriel, Fast Company

By choosing to build in New York and D.C., Amazon bypassed an opportunity to spur economic growth in a place that needs it–but also ignored trends showing that young workers don’t want to be tethered to an office anyway.

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