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America’s Worsening Geographic Inequality

/   Richard Florida, CityLab

It’s not just economic inequality—the gap between the rich and the poor—that is growing ever wider. Geographic inequality, the divide between rich and poor places, is too.

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Distressed Communities Index Underscores Economic Divides

/   Bill Lucia, RouteFifty

New research highlights the widening fault lines between struggling and well-off communities across the U.S. and suggests more prosperous areas have fared better as the economy has improved.

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The Finance 202: Tracking the Uneven Recovery

/   Tory Newmyer, Washington Post

From the “two economies” file, the Economic Innovation Group is out with a new report this morning documenting how uneven the recovery has been nationally. It includes some stark figures:

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Affluent cities gained at expense of Trump’s ‘forgotten’ America, study

/   Howard Schneider, Reuters

The economic divide between affluent U.S. cities and suburbs and the ailing, often rural, areas where blue collar and middle-tier service jobs are the norm grew wider after the onset of the Great Recession, a Washington-based think tank said on Monday.

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10 years after the recession, U.S. cities with a strong tech industry are the most resilient

/   Anna Hensel, VentureBeat

The U.S. states and metro areas with large tech industries — most notably Silicon Valley and the Bay Area — are adding jobs and residents and seeing incomes rise at a faster rate than other parts of the country.

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