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Trade War May Have Limited Impact on Midterms

/   Emel Akan, The Epoch Times

According to Michael Steele, political analyst and former Republican National Committee chairman, Americans will not see the real impact of tariffs until the second quarter of next year. Hence it is unlikely that trade tensions would affect the elections in November, Steele said on July 11 at an event hosted by Economic Innovation Group (EIG)…

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A fiery populist and a business-friendly centrist: Contrasting paths toward a Democratic resurgence in West Virginia

/   Evan Halper, Los Angeles Times

“If insurance companies can go back to playing the games they played before, they can decide the fate of most of West Virginia,” Manchin said Wednesday at a Washington conference held by the Economic Innovation Group. “Whether they can buy insurance, afford insurance or whether they are one illness away from catastrophic ruin. These are…

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Booker: “We Need To Stop The Bullsh*t Partisanship In This Country”

/   Ian Schwartz, Real Clear Politics

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) at a ‘Summit on the Economy’ panel on Wednesday pushed for a focus on workers instead of making people “feel bad” if they don’t have an art history degree from a fancy college. Booker pushed for investing in this generation of Americans, just like the economy of our grandparents, and called…

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Treasury rates are low due to belief in ‘new normal’ theory, says Trump’s top economist

/   Greg Robb, MarketWatch

“The previous administration’s economists…had convinced everybody that we’re in this new normal,” that had nothing to do with President Barack Obama’s economic policies and was “exogenous,” Hassett said on Wednesday during a moderated discussion at the Summit on the Economy sponsored by the Economic Innovation Group and the Governor’s Woods Foundation.

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New zones created by tax overhaul draw investor attention

/   Kirk Pinho, Crain's Detroit Business

The nation’s newest investment tool is getting some super-sized attention in metro Detroit — and is poised to bring new investment to neighborhoods throughout the region.

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