For generations, communities across Wisconsin have worked hard to grow the crops that feed our state and our country, manufactured machinery and products that keep us safe, and started small businesses that create jobs and grow the local economy.

However, in the last decade, many of these same Wisconsin communities have seen jobs leave and little to no new investment come in to help them grow. This has caused many Wisconsinites to feel that all the economic growth has focused on the East Coast and the West Coast and left the Heartland behind. It is time we take steps to fix this.

To begin fixing that problem, I introduced the Investing in Opportunity Act, a bipartisan bill which would bring investment off the sidelines and into Wisconsin communities. The Investing in Opportunity Act levels the playing field for our local communities and will help create good-paying jobs where we need them the most.

By: Rep. Ron Kind, Pierce County Herald

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Opportunity Zones 

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