Most Millennials Are Hard To Manage, Are You One Of Them?

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Do you hate your job? Have a stormy relationship with your manager and feel locked into a 9-6 workday? If so, you may not only be one of those stereotypical “hard to manage” millennials but there could be an entrepreneur fighting for freedom within you, if you’d only let her shine.

We’re the first generation to work in a world where unlimited vacation is not a fantasy, but a real possibility, and flex time is considered a requirement instead of a rare perk. We’re also the generation that’s normalized jumping companies every year or two, and, according to Gallup, less than a third of us feel engaged at work. Many of us are dissatisfied with our professional lives where the modern office environment feels like such a poor fit.

I’m one of those difficult millennials. I’ve struggled to keep a normal 9 to 5 position, and opted to pursue entrepreneurship instead. And believe it or not, that’s a rarity. While, as a generation, we aspire to be entrepreneurs, we’re actually on track to be the least entrepreneurial generation in history, according to a nationwide survey by the Economic Innovation Group. Many of my friends are still trying to find an employment position that suits them; from an outside perspective, they’re likely to have as much success as a kid trying to force a square block into a round hole.

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