Tacoma’s fits-and-starts recovery takes another blow.

In the News / Tags: , /Jon Talton, The Seattle Times

For example, according to the Economic Innovation Group’s Distressed Communities Index, 12.3 percent of Pierce County’s population lives in distressed ZIP codes. It might be unfair to compare that against the 1.7 percent in King County. But it’s also worse than the state’s overall 8 percent. … By: Jon Talton, The Seattle Times Read the…

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Bipartisan, creative, thoughtful D.C. group provides NM insights

In the News / Tags: , , /Harold Morgan, The Los Alamos Monitor

The two-year-old Economic Innovation Group ( seems to have mixed people from across the various spectra. The website headline is, “Empowering entrepreneurs and investors to forge a more dynamic U.S. economy.” EIG calls itself “a bipartisan public policy organization, ​founded in 2013, ​combining innovative research and data-driven advocacy to address America’s most pressing economic challenges.”…

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There may not be enough new jobs to compensate for robots after all

We reported yesterday that new startups are forming at the slowest rate on record, according to an analysis by the Economic Innovation Group. But the additional point, made by McKinsey, the consultant firm, is that even when they are formed, they aren’t lasting very long. … By: Steve LeVine, Axios Read the full article here.

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Explaining the decline in US entrepreneurship

In the News / Tags: /James Pethokoukis, AEI

I should note the piece uses analysis from the Economic Innovation Group (EIG). Its analysis from earlier this year, “Dynamism in Retreat,” speculates the startup decline stems from “declining population growth, a sharp decline in startup capital (notably home equity) during the recession, and changes to the regulatory environment,” according to Hart. … By: James…

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Monopolies Are Killing America

In the News / Tags: , /Ross Baird and Ben Wrobel, The Development Set

According to the nonpartisan Economic Innovation Group, fewer Americans are starting successful firms than at any point in the last century. In 1980, nearly half of American firms were five years old or younger. By 2015, that number had fallen to one-third. Although a new business starts every two minutes in this country, another firm…

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Scuttlebiz: State, local leaders need to tackle workforce development

In the News / Tags: /Damon Cline, The Augusta Chronicle

Citing the Washington, D.C.-based Economic Innovation Group’s “Distressed Communities Index,” Clark said 53 percent of Georgia counties are economically distressed – nearly three times the national rate. There’s a lot to worry about: mediocre K-12 rankings, rampant obesity and a high school dropout rate that’s through the roof. … By: Damon Cline, The Augusta Chronicle…

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Are startups the answer to inequality?

In the News / Tags: , , /Patton Dodd, Folo Media

A new study finds that Texas is among the national leaders in “economic dynamism.” That’s a technical term: it means businesses starting and closing, workers changing firms or moving to new opportunities. According to the Economic Innovation Group, a think tank and advocacy group in Washington, D.C., dynamism is a more illuminating measure of economic…

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Prosperity to poverty

In the News / Tags: , /John D. Harden, Houston Chronicle

That inequality has resulted in wealthier communities furthering the economic gaps between the affluent like River Oaks and Midtown and low-income neighborhoods such as Sunnyside. “Within the political geographies, you have massive variations and discrepancy between prosperous and struggling areas,” said John Lettieri, co-founder of Economic Innovation Group, a nonprofit in Washington, D.C., that addresses…

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San Antonio Leads The Nation In Economic Inequality

In the News / Tags: /Shelley D. Kofler and Jan Ross Piedad, Texas Public Radio

Over the last 24 hours, Jeff Bezos has made news for two big things. And they’re related. Yesterday, the Amazon founder, not a publicly known philanthropist, took to Twitter to say: “I’m thinking I want much of my philanthropic activity to be helping people in the here and now — short term — at the intersection of urgent need…

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NBA Finals ticket prices in Cleveland and Golden State have gone in opposite direction

In the News / Tags: /Jesse Lawrence, The Huffington Post

Despite the pride of their first professional sports championship in over 50 years, Cleveland is the second most economically distressed city in America, according to a 2016 report from the Economic Innovation Group. At a distress index of 99.9, Cleveland trails only Camden, New Jersey in categories like the percentage of the population without a…

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Competition is not for losers — even in the digital era

In the News / Tags: , , /John Thornhill, The Financial Times

Contrary to West Coast mythmaking, developed economies are living through one of the least innovative periods in modern history. According to research from the Economic Innovation Group, a Washington-based think-tank, dynamism is in retreat and the rate of new business formation in the US has been declining. … By: John Thornhill – The Financial Times Read the…

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A dream of spring among Cleveland’s most distressed citizens: Lydia Bailey (Opinion)

Recently, I dreamed that spring was afoot in Cleveland’s most distressed neighborhoods. A healing wind was issuing from a cherry tree growing amidst the asphalt on Lakeside Avenue. It was advancing through the St. Clair-Superior neighborhood, curling around telephone poles and through chain link fence. I was seeing life transform abandoned homes at East 93rd…

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Why opportunity and inclusion matter to America’s economic strength

In the News / Tags: , /Governor Lael Brainard, Federal Reserve

I want to thank Neel Kashkari for launching the Opportunity and Inclusive Growth Institute and for inviting me to join the deliberations of this distinguished group today. This new Institute is another great example of how individual Reserve Banks are taking the initiative in illuminating key dimensions of our work and shaping the agenda of…

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Letter: Neal investment bill helps struggling areas

In the News / Tags: , , , , /Steve Glickman & John Lettieri, Economic Innovation Group

Survey after survey reveals a large percentage of Americans remain concerned about their economic well-being. Our research shows these anxieties are not misplaced. The U.S. economy has become less dynamic since the Great Recession — more businesses have closed than opened, the rate of new business formation remains near an all-time low, and workers are…

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Some people trying to combat poverty have different views of the problem than Mayor Taylor

In the News / Tags: , /Vianna Davila, San Antonio Express-News

San Antonio was ranked the least economically equal city in the country by the Economic Innovation Group’s Distressed Communities Index, which measured economic conditions in the 100 largest cities between 2010 and 2014. The report found that San Antonio, as a whole, was fairly healthy economically but the geographic divide between the prosperous and the…

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New online publication examines economic inequality in San Antonio

In the News / Tags: , , /Shari Biediger, Rivard Report

As municipal election campaigns have heated up over the last few weeks, the causes and challenges of poverty in San Antonio have become a hot-button topic. Indeed, while residents in some City Council districts call upon candidates to address growth-related traffic conditions, others cry out for basic services. … By: Shari Biediger Read the full…

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U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship Hearing on The Challenges and Opportunities of Running a Small Business in Rural America

April 26, 2017: John W Lettieri, Economic Innovation Group *Watch the full hearing here. Chairman Risch, Ranking Member Shaheen, and members of the committee, it is an honor to again have the opportunity to testify before this committee. The state of rural America is an issue of much interest and debate today. Rural entrepreneurship and…

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Hello. We are Folo Media.

In the News / Tags: , /Patton Dodd, Folo Media

According to a 2012 Pew study and the 2016 Distressed Communities Index, the gap in median income between San Antonio’s poorest and richest zip code is wider than that within any other two metro zip codes in the country. What this data means, exactly, is something we can debate (and we will). Other data in…

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Workforce connections to hold pop-up career fair: 89101 on Thursday, May 4, 2017

In the News / Tags: , , /Mitch Truswell, Nevada Business

According to the 2016 Distressed Communities Index (DCI) by the Economic Innovation Group, 39% of those who live in the 89101 zip code have no high school degree (25 years old and older); 36% are at or below the poverty line; and 58% of adults 16 years and older are not working. The DCI assesses…

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Medina targets city’s political elites and ‘Pay to Play’ system

In the News / Tags: /John MacCormack, San Antonio News-Express

In a story on Sunday’s page A1, the San Antonio Express-News contrasted mayoral candidate Manuel Medina’s claim that San Antonio is the most economically segregated city in America with a 2015 report by The Martin Prosperity Institute of the University of Toronto that ranked San Antonio sixth among all cities with the problem, and third…

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Joint Economic Committee Hearing on the Decline of Economic Opportunity in the United States: Causes and Consequences

April 5, 2017: John W Lettieri, Economic Innovation Group *Watch the full hearing here. Introduction Chairman Tiberi, Ranking Member Heinrich, Vice Chairman Lee, and members of the committee: Thank you for the opportunity to testify today. Many ingredients that helped the United States forge the world’s leading economy over the past century are now the…

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New bill does hard job of injecting capital into needy communities

Op-Ed / Tags: , , , /John Lettieri and Steve Glickman, The Hill

In the midst of the most geographically divided economic recovery on record, it’s no surprise that communities desperate for economic growth often turn to expensive corporate tax incentives designed to produce a quick fix by luring or retaining local jobs and investment. Such incentives totaled a whopping $45 billion in 2015 alone. Though it’s hard…

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Congress seeks Trump’s support for investment in distressed communities

In the News / Tags: /Kirill Abbakumov, International Economic Development Council

Congressional lawmakers in both chambers aim to obtain support from President Donald Trump for new incentives to help economically distressed communities. Since the beginning of 2017, a group of Republicans have been working to pitch tax incentives for financially troubles areas to President Trump and other administration officials. They are echoing Trump’s calls to revitalize…

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Weathersbee: Inclusion goal is only fair after tax breaks.

In the News / Tags: /Tonyaa Weathersbee, The Commercial Appeal

Fair because the taxes that are being lost could be used to bolster the schools and other services in the distressed, predominantly African-American communities that many of those construction workers will likely come from. “That’s the problem for a very revenue constrained place like Memphis,” Greg LeRoy, executive director of Good Jobs First, told me….

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Solution to revitalize Ohio’s ‘left behind’ communities

In the News / Tags: , , , /John Lettieri, The Columbus Dispatch

Survey after survey reveals a large percentage of Americans remain concerned about their economic well-being. Our research shows these anxieties are not misplaced. The U.S. economy has become less dynamic since the Great Recession — more businesses have closed than opened, the rate of new business formation remains near an all-time low, and workers are…

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Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy an extra 2 decades

In the News / Tags: /Michael Taylor, San Antonio Express-News

The 15-year average difference between wealthy and poor San Antonio zip codes is bigger than the difference between the average life expectancy in the U.S. (79.3 years) and Ethiopia (64.8 years), according to the World Health Organization. The health differences between neighborhoods in my city seem to me nasty and brutish. The disparity is an…

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Why Buying American Strengthens Our Independence

In the News / Tags: /Mike Axe, American Made Matters

The gradual move from the Industrial Age into the Information Age has had a drastic effect on communities globally. Locations that provided work through mining and manufacturing have taken a knock, unemployment and despair is rife in places that were once vibrant and full of hope. It has been recognized that the greatest remedy to…

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J.D. Vance, the False Prophet of Blue America

In the News / Tags: /Sarah Jones, New Republic

According to the Economic Innovation Group, my home congressional district—Virginia’s Ninth—is one of the poorest in the country. Fifty-one percent of adults are unemployed; 19 percent lack a high school diploma. EIG estimates that fully half of its 722,810 residents are in economic distress. … By: Sarah Jones, New Republic Read the full article here.

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State Rep. Gerald Mullery successfully defends 119th District post

In the News / Tags: /Melanie Mizenko, Wilkes Barres Times Leader

Gerald Mullery won a fourth term in the state House of Representatives Tuesday, defeating Republican challenger Justin Behrens. According to unofficial results, Mullery, 46, of Newport Township, received 10,747 votes to 7,015 votes for Behrens, a U.S. Army veteran and director of a social work forensic team. Mullery gave a victory speech at 9:45 p.m….

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DIVIDED AMERICA: Yearning for unity, enduring divisiveness

In the News / Tags: /Jerry Schwartz, The Associated Press

In Logan, West Virginia, in central Appalachia, the decline of the coal industry has brought a population drain, rampant drug abuse, heightened poverty (cremations are up because folks can’t afford caskets) and deep resentment that fed support for Republican Donald Trump: “I don’t know what’s in his head, what his vision is for us,” said…

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Why we launched Milwaukee Startup Week.

In the News / Tags: /Matt Cordio, Milwaukee Business News

Metro Milwaukee ranks poorly for entrepreneurial activity While some community leaders consistently try to dispute the methodologies researchers use to evaluate a region’s entrepreneurial activity, Milwaukee consistently ranks poorly no matter which method is used. We have to stop trying to rationalize Milwaukee’s poor performance and address reality head-on. Whether you look at Kauffman Foundation’s,…

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The Depths of How Poverty Affects Learning: A Superintendent’s Quest

In the News / Tags: /Beth Hawkins, Real Clear Education

When Pedro Martinez took over as superintendent of the San Antonio Independent School District last year, he was presented with a paradox. With a trove of research establishing that poverty is the unfortunate predictor of poor academic achievement, conventional wisdom was that the district, with its 93 percent poverty rate, was doomed. … By: Beth…

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Biden and Bill Hit the Campaign Trail

In the News / Tags: /Jim Stinson, LifeZette

What exactly Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton will promise to Toledo and Michigan is anyone’s guess. Toledo, Saginaw, and Flint have been left weak by a poor economic recovery. Earlier this year, Toledo was listed as the fourth-most economically distressed city, after Cleveland, Detroit and Newark, New Jersey. The study was done by the Economic…

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Who’s getting rich in rural America?

In the News / Tags: /Jeff Spross, The Week

One study that can help untangle this was put together by the Economic Innovation Group. It combines rates of education, poverty, and unemployment with more esoteric measures, like how far an area’s median income diverges from its state’s median. Here’s a map of their findings, with red indicating the most distressed areas and green the…

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Dear Next President: Lend a Hand to Our Entrepreneurs

In the News / Tags: , , , , /Steve Glickman and John Lettieri, The Daily Beast

Dear Madam or Mister President: The United States is facing an emerging national crisis simmering just below the surface, one that risks tearing apart the delicate economic, social, and political fabric that binds this nation together. The economy is no longer providing growth and opportunity for vast portions of the country—myriad communities and millions of…

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Philadelphia Keeps Up Its Proud Tradition of Boosting Entrepreneurship

In the News / Tags: , , /Steve Glickman and John Lettieri, The Daily Beast

This week, we have been reminded that Philadelphia is the birthplace of democracy’s greatest startup—the United States. Today, we wanted to highlight the stakeholders helping to craft Philly’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. … By: Steve Glickman and John Lettieri, The Daily Beast Read the full article here.

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The American Dream Is on the Ropes

In the News / Tags: , , , /Steve Glickman and John Lettieri, The Daily Beast

The United States has long been characterized as a land of opportunity—a place where hard work and ingenuity allow a person to rise, a place where merit trumps birth status. But Americans are increasingly skeptical that life will be better for the next generation—and with good reason. Recent research suggests the U.S. is a country…

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As GOP convenes, a tale of two Clevelands

In the News / Tags: /Ed Leefeldt, CBS News

Clevelanders, who reside in a city that LeBron James calls “the Land,” have a lot to be proud of: a vibrant downtown; two top professional sports teams, the NBA champion Cavaliers and the Indians baseball franchise; and the venerable Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. But, most important, Cleveland is a city that survived recession,…

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Capital Fuels Innovation, Innovation Fuels Our Cities

This week, our friends at 1776 released a new report — Innovation That Matters — ranking the top 25 U.S. cities in terms of how ready each is to take advantage of the growing digital economy. The rankings were based on the cities’ aggregate performance in dozens of key indicators, including successful startup exits and…

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Can Memphis boom and bust at the same time?

In the News / Tags: /David Waters, The Commercial Appeal

Some of the city’s movers and shakers gathered in an East Memphis hotel ballroom Tuesday to “Celebrate What’s Right About Memphis.” In this case, it’s the billions of dollars now being invested in big building projects from Crosstown Concourse to Central Station to remake the city. “We’re too hard on this city,” Andy Cates, the…

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Combatting the Geographic Divide between Rich and Poor

In the News / Tags: /Jason Wiens, Kauffman Foundation

From presidential candidates to pundits, a lot of people are talking these days about income inequality. What gets much less attention, however, is the geographic manifestation of the divide between rich and poor. Earlier this year, the Economic Innovation Group, a new research and policy organization in D.C., released a comprehensive report detailing the economic…

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Should There Be Tax Breaks For Investing In Distressed Communities?

In the News / Tags: , /Ben Schiller, Fast Company

Increasingly, America looks like two countries, with some places bounding ahead and others falling behind. The recession exacerbated long-running economic gaps. And now 50 million Americans live in “distressed ZIP codes “hampered by low investment and persistent unemployment. … By: Ben Schiller, Fast Company Read the full article here.

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Slavic Village neighborhood leads the way in fixing the basics of urban education, housing and health in one of the country’s poorest zip codes

In the News / Tags: /Kurt Karakul and Kathryn Wertheim Hexter, Cleveland Plain Dealer

A recent study by a Washington, D.C.  think tank, the Economic Innovation Group, naming Cleveland the most economically distressed large city in the United States, has generated a great deal of discussion. In a recent opinion piece, Richey Piiparinen, director of the Center for Population Dynamics at Cleveland State University, posed a paradox: How…

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When it comes to inequality, where you live matters more than you think

In the News / Tags: /John Lettieri and Steve Glickman, World Economic Forum

Place matters. This simple concept has never been better understood than today. Mounting evidence suggests that where an individual grows up has a significant and causal impact on their life outcomes, from health to earnings. At a time when income inequality is dominating the political dialogue, policy-makers should not overlook geography’s important role in determining…

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Missing Out on the Boon

In the News / Tags: /Rick Outzen, inWeekly

Last week, Zach Jenkins, director of the Haas Center for Business Research and Economic Development at the University of West Florida, wrote a column that showed our region’s economic recovery has not equally impacted all segments of our community. While Governor Rick Scott has touted our state’s recovery and job growth, people living in the…

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Cleveland’s ‘most distressed’ designation driven in part by changes that depressed GED passage rates

In the News / Tags: /Daniel Hinman, Cleveland Plain Dealer

In February, Cleveland was listed by the Economic Innovation Group as the nation’s “most distressed large city.” The first data point EIG used was the number of high school degrees held by the 25 and older population. In our region, 23 percent of this group lacks a high school diploma. … By: Daniel Hinman, Cleveland…

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US economy in charts: gloom versus data

In the News / Tags: /Sam Fleming and Shawn Donnan, The Financial Times

From Donald Trump’s assertions that the US is not winning any more to Bernie Sanders’ warnings of a “rigged economy”, anger about America’s economic performance has been a persistent theme on the presidential campaign trail. Yet forecasts from the International Monetary Fund suggest the US has emerged as the healthiest among a sickly crop of…

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Donald Trump struggles to broaden his voter appeal

In the News / Tags: /Sam Fleming and Demetri Sevastopulo, The Financial Times

Donald Trump caused a stir earlier in the presidential campaign by saying “I love the poorly educated”, in a comment that reflected his strong support from Republican voters with no more than a high-school education. While Mr Trump remains the clear favourite to win the Republican primary in his home state of New York on…

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Kind Introduces Bill To Help Rural Family Businesses

In the News / Tags: /Amanda Sherman, SW News

U.S. Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI)  March 23  introduced the Rural Main Street Investment Credit Act of 2016. This legislation would help generate investment in both start up and expanding rural businesses with between one and five employees located in distressed areas by providing a federal tax incentive, in the form of a 35 percent tax…

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Column: Recovery not benefiting low-income Northwest Florida communities

In the News / Tags: /Zach Jenkins, University of West Florida Newsroom

The 250,000 residents living in economically distressed communities in Northwest Florida have probably heard that the economy has nearly recovered from the Great Recession, but they have their doubts. As they walk down their streets, one out of five homes is vacant, and it seems like businesses are closing more than they are opening. ……

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We have a right to expect more from Mayor Tom Barrett

In the News / Tags: /Editorial Board, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

In a recent debate, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett captured perfectly his tenure in office: He said he has been a “steady hand,” a calm, hard worker who has been steering city government without drama. Yes, he has. He has been a responsible steward of the city’s finances; he has maintained city services at a reasonable…

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If Entrepreneurs Come, They Will Build It

In the News / Tags: /Donna Harris and Steve Glickman, 1776

The disparities in economic opportunity across the U.S. are the widest recorded and approaching a national crisis. In response, 1776 and the Economic Innovation Group (EIG) are working together to better understand the uneven economic recovery and how entrepreneurship can be a driving force in the solution. EIG’s recently released Distressed Communities Index (DCI) measures…

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Study: Wealth gap hurting local economy

In the News / Tags: /Nate Beck, Fond du Lac Reporter

A wealth and poverty gap exists between the center and the suburbs of cities along Interstate 41 west of Lake Winnebago, according to a recent study. Northeast Oshkosh qualified as the most distressed part of a central city in northeast Wisconsin, while the central city of Fond du Lac is not considered distressed, but there’s a caveat. Though city suburbs showed gains in…

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The Disconnect: Personal Economy, Trade and the 2016 Election

In the News / Tags: /Armstrong Robinson, Prime Policy Group

Reading two items Monday dealing with the trade debate and its impact on the American economy as a whole (How Trade Made America Great, Fred Smith, Wall Street Journal Op-Ed) and the personal economy of individuals (The 89% Pay Cut That Brought Trump-Mania to America’s Heartland, Bloomberg, Thomas Black), I was struck by the conclusion…

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Report shows uneven economic recovery in Sonoma County

In the News / Tags: /Angela Hart, The Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Surging tax revenue, rising property values and booming tourism have propelled Sonoma County government to its healthiest financial state since the recession, a recent slate of county reports show. Yet as the economy recovers, the gap between the county’s wealthiest communities and its poorest has widened, according to a new analysis of Census Bureau data….

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Study ranks Fort Wayne among most ‘spatially unequal’ cities

In the News / Tags: /Doug LeDuc, Fort Wayne Business Weekly

Fort Wayne is neither distressed nor prosperous, but it is among the most spatially unequal of the nation’s 100 largest cities, according to an Economic Innovation Group Distressed Communities Index. The study by the Washington, D.C. think tank implies Fort Wayne is missing out on some of the benefits of its diversity. It ranks the…

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Can a battered middle class be restored? Key question in presidential election

In the News / Tags: /Olivera Perkins, Cleveland Plain Dealer

A strong middle class defined the United States for so long that many consider it the essence of what it means to be American. But, by many measures, the middle class is struggling. The Great Recession accelerated this downward trend, said David Madland, author of “Hollowed Out: Why the Economy Doesn’t Work Without a Strong Middle…

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Our Opinion: Glen Lyon’s ‘distressed’ label should serve as incentive, not indictment

In the News / Tags: /Editorial Board, Times Leader

Should Glen Lyon’s 1,740 residents be indignant about being labeled Pennsylvania’s “most distressed” ZIP code? Probably so, though that doesn’t mean there is no worth to local findings in the Economic Innovation Group’s latest “Distressed Community Index.” … By: Editorial Board, Times Leader Read the full article here.

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Rich and Poor in the US: New Study Reveals Geographically-Based Dynamics

In the News / Tags: /Martin Levine, Nonprofit Quarterly

There is a serious and growing geographic divide between the rich and the poor that requires attention. That’s the conclusion reached by researchers at the Economic Innovation Group. Using U.S. Census Department data, the study’s authors developed the Distressed Communities Index (DCI) to study the economic health of America down to the zip code level….

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Hamilton, Boone counties rank among most prosperous in the state in new report

In the News / Tags: /Lindsey Erdody, Indianapolis Business Journal

A new report on the well-being of communities in the U.S. highlights the growth and success Hamilton and Boone counties have experienced in recent years, especially in Fishers. Washington, D.C.-based Economic Innovation Group recently released the Distressed Communities Index as a tool to analyze and measure well-being across the country. The report considers factors including…

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Once again, San Antonio leads on inequality

In the News / Tags: /Editorial Board, San Antonio Express-News

Nearly 50 years ago, San Antonio’s 78207 ZIP code was featured in the stunning CBS News documentary “Hunger in America.” The film showed the stark and desperate realities of hunger and poverty on the West Side. Generations have passed since then, and once again, 78207 has been highlighted as a desolate landscape, one defined by…

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Poverty hits highest level in 30 years

In the News / Tags: /Lisa Neff, Wisconsin Gazette

Poverty in Wisconsin hit its highest level in 30 years during the five-year period after the Great Recession. The determination comes from an analysis by the Applied Population Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The lab’s data tells Malia Jones, an assistant scientist in social epidemiologist, that poverty has been getting worse in the state….

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8 out of 10 of Ohio’s largest cities economically distressed

In the News / Tags: /Olivera Perkins, Cleveland Plain Dealer

When a report recently named Cleveland the most economically distressed big city in the nation, Northeast Ohio’s largest municipality became the object of both pity and scorn. But Cleveland wasn’t the only city in Ohio to rank high on the Distressed Communities Index developed by the Economic Innovation Group in Washington, D.C. Ohio was the only…

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Study: Poverty persists on Lehigh Valley city streets and country lanes

In the News / Tags: /Dan Sheehan, The Morning Call

A Washington think tank’s new report on poverty offers a disheartening view of communities that have been on life support for years and are seeing little or no benefit from the improving economy. In the Lehigh Valley and beyond, the struggling areas range from the expected — the inner-city precincts of Allentown — to the surprising…

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Let’s learn to build a new Milwaukee

In the News / Tags: /David D. Haynes, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The poster is bright white with big red letters. You can’t miss it on the wall at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif. It asks: “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” It’s a provocative idea, the notion that fear can paralyze but absence of fear can liberate. Good advice for Facebook’s employees. And…

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Slaughter & Rees Report: Voters in Distress

In the News / Tags: /Matthew J. Slaughter and Matt Rees, Slaughter & Rees Report

As the American presidential campaign continues its meandering twists and turns, last week brought a major surprise when Bernie Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton in the Michigan primary election. Public-opinion expert Nate Silver deemed this upset “among the greatest polling errors in primary history,” because across the latest array of pre-voting polls Clinton was leading Sanders…

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Study: Glen Lyon most distressed place in Pa.

In the News / Tags: /Jacob Seibel and Bob Kalinowski, Citizens' Voice

Tom Kashatus remembers the good old days when his community was a booming coal town. A generation later, his hometown is plagued with a 48 percent poverty rate and more than half of adults are out of work. One in five lack a high school diploma. Nearly a third of homes sit vacant, many in…

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Toledo’s economic distress: No end in sight soon

In the News / Tags: /David Kushma, Toledo Blade

We’re No. 4. But Toledoans have reason to fear, not cheer, this rating. A new study ranks Toledo fourth among America’s 100 largest cities in its high level of economic distress. The dreary distinction suggests that long after most of the rest of the country has recovered from the Great Recession — and  wealthy communities, in…

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The haves in Seattle struggle with have-nots

In the News / Tags: /Jon Talton, The Seattle Times

I’ve never lived in a city that was so cranky and angst-ridden about its spectacular economic success. But I’ve never lived in a city with such a politically potent and energetic liberal-left cohort at a moment of some national progressive stirring, especially with the presidential candidacy of Sen. Bernie Sanders. Thus, some argue a direct…

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From blight to boon: Region’s economically distressed communities hope to join Charleston area’s resurgence

In the News / Tags: /David Wren, The Post and Courier

Arnold Collins remembers the day the Pinehaven shopping center opened near the Accabee neighborhood where he was born in North Charleston. It was Sept. 17, 1959. “I was there for the ribbon-cutting,” said Collins, executive director of the nonprofit Palmetto Community Action Partnership in Charleston. “We used to roller skate in the parking lot. That…

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Making America Great Again Is a Local Job

In the News / Tags: /Derek Thompson, The Atlantic

Presidential candidates tend to offer a story of national revival that begins with one person: themselves. It is a Great Man (or Woman) Theory of political change. Something is wrong in America, and salvation lies in the providence of one good individual. There are several problems with the GMT. First, and most obviously, divided government…

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Places Where You Can Get a Job and Afford a House

In the News / Tags: /Justin Fox, Bloomberg

The U.S. is a nation divided — divided between zip codes where economic times are good and zip codes where they really aren’t. This map was compiled by the Economic Innovation Group, a new Washington think tank with Silicon Valley backing. It’s based on a variety of economic indicators, most for the years 2010 to 2014, and covers all zip…

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Super Tuesday Tests Donald Trump’s Appeal in Economically Healthy States

In the News / Tags: /Neil King, Jr. and Ben Leubsdorf, Wall Street Journal

For months, Donald Trump‘s appeal appeared rooted most strongly among economically distressed voters. Such was the case in South Carolina, where his victory last month was fueled by outsize strength in the most economically challenged counties. Economic unease also played a role in his sweeping win a few days later in Nevada, where half the voters who…

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A Patchwork of Economic Recovery And What It Means For The Presidential Race

In the News / Tags: /Indira Lakshmanan, The Diane Rehm Show

Last month, the unemployment rate in the U.S. fell below five percent for the first time since 2008. Good news, right? Maybe not for everyone. Voters in this presidential election cycle have said loud and clear that for millions of Americans, the economy hasn’t recovered from the Great Recession. Recent data helps explain why positive…

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The Recovery’s Geographic Disparities

In the News / Tags: /Bouree Lam, The Atlantic

The U.S. economy right now is a pretty mixed bag: On Tuesday, the White House released a reassuring economic report that says the overall U.S. economy has rebounded strongly since the Great Recession, and that it’s still on the rise. But the report also acknowledged that rising wealth and income disparities urgently need to be…

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Mapping the Most Distressed Communities in the U.S.

In the News / Tags: /Richard Florida, CityLab

More than 50 million Americans live in economically distressed communities, according to a startling new report from the nonprofit Economic Innovation Group. The report, which examines economic distress across tens of thousands of ZIP codes, finds one-fifth them to be in economic distress. In the average distressed ZIP code, around 25 percent of adults lack…

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A Look At The Wealth And Income Gap, By ZIP Code

In the News / Tags: /Jim Zarroli, NPR

The most prosperous parts of the U.S. have recovered nicely from the 2008 financial crisis, but many other places remain mired in high unemployment and poverty, according to a report measuring wealth levels by ZIP code. “The United States is still a land of opportunity for many. But when it comes to life outcomes, geography…

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Poverty across Wisconsin reaches highest level in 30 years

In the News / Tags: /Karen Herzog, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Poverty in Wisconsin hit its highest level in 30 years during the five-year period ending in 2014, even as the nation’s economy was recovering from the Great Recession, according to a trend analysis of U.S. Census data just released by University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers. The number of Wisconsin residents living in poverty averaged 13% across…

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More Than 50 Million Americans Living in Economic Distress

In the News / Tags: /Andrew Soergel, U.S. News and World Report

More than 50 million Americans live in economically distressed regions plagued by high levels of unemployment, poverty and fiscal anxiety, according to a new report that highlights just how uneven the domestic recovery has been. The report from the Economic Innovation Group profiles the degree to which more than 25,000 ZIP codes accounting for 99 percent of the…

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The Gap Between America’s Richest and Poorest Communities is Growing

In the News / Tags: /Claire Groden, Fortune

The United States might be out of a recession, but that turnaround has left many communities behind. The top zip codes across the country—places like Arlington, Va. and San Francisco—have experienced an economic boom, but there is a growing gap between those communities and the country’s most distressed ones, according to a report called the…

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Distress test: Report finds Cleveland has struggled to recover from the Great Recession

In the News / Tags: /Scott Suttell, Crain's Cleveland Business

Whatever progress Cleveland has made, it has not been enough to lift the city out of the ranks of the country’s most distressed communities. The New York Times takes a look at a report being released Thursday, Feb. 25, by the Economic Innovation Group, a new nonprofit research and advocacy organization. The group’s Distressed Communities…

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The Pulling-Apart of America

In the News / Tags: /Hamilton Nolan, Gawker

If you look very closely at America, you can see the poor physically growing apart from the rich, like a polar bear drifting out to sea on a broken chunk of ice. A new report out today from the Economic Innovation Group (a “centrist” think tank funded largely by civic-minded tech executives) examines inequality in…

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Over 50 Million Americans Live In Economically Distressed Communities

Economic Innovation Group Launches The Distressed Communities Index, A New Analysis of Economic Well-Being and Spatial Inequality Washington, D.C. – The Economic Innovation Group (EIG) today launched the Distressed Communities Index (DCI), an interactive heat map and analysis for identifying, visualizing, and evaluating economic prosperity and distress spanning nearly every community throughout the country. The…

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Poorest Areas Have Missed Out on Boons of Recovery, Study Finds

In the News / Tags: /Nelson D. Schwartz, The New York Times

The gap between the richest and poorest American communities has widened since the Great Recession ended, and distressed areas are faring worse just as the recovery is gaining traction across much of the country. These findings, outlined in a study to be released on Thursday by the Economic Innovation Group, a new nonprofit research and advocacy…

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Can Paul Ryan Save the GOP From Itself?

In the News / Tags: /Patricia Murphy, The Daily Beast

In ways large and small, newly minted House Speaker Paul Ryan seems to be doing his best to prevent his fellow Republicans from throwing themselves and their party into an abyss they could never climb out of. In a cycle when the Republican presidential field has become mired in the nativist, the trivial, and the…

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Ten Questions Every Candidate Should Answer About Poverty and Opportunity in America

Tomorrow, seven Republican presidential candidates will gather at the Kemp Forum on Expanding Opportunity in Columbia, South Carolina, to discuss poverty and its causes, as well as their strategies for expanding economic opportunity in the United States (check C-SPAN or here for the live stream). EIG is proudly co-sponsoring the forum because the topic couldn’t be…

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GOP forum will focus on issues, not ‘drama’

In the News / Tags: /John Hart, Post and Courier

So many of the stories about the upcoming presidential election are about conflict and drama. Who made an ill-advised comment? Which campaigns are feuding? Who’s up and who’s down in national horse race polls that are largely irrelevant. Here’s a radical idea: The 2016 election should be about solutions, not drama. Americans want results. If…

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Six GOP presidential candidates will attend Ryan, Scott poverty forum

In the News / Tags: , /Burgess Everett, Politico

Six GOP presidential candidates will attend Speaker Paul Ryan and Sen. Tim Scott’s presidential forum on poverty in January, a significant show of support for the two men’s efforts to change the way Republicans talk about poverty. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, Gov. John Kasich…

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City ranked among top distressed areas

In the News / Tags: /Jon Chavez, The Toledo Blade

Nearly half of Toledo’s population lives in economically distressed areas and the city ranks as the 14th most-distressed among the nation’s 100 largest cities, a new study finds. The study by a Washington bipartisan entrepreneurial group, Economic Innovation Group, found that 44 percent of Toledoans, or 99,000, are economically distressed. It used an index with…

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Group seeks to bring investment to nation’s battered neighborhoods

In the News / Tags: , /Rick Romell, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

It’s all very preliminary, but a group that includes Silicon Valley superstars and policy wonks from across the political spectrum has ambitious plans to lure big capital to the country’s most battered neighborhoods, including some in Milwaukee. Launched this year with the backing of billionaire Facebook figure Sean Parker and noted angel investor Ron Conway,…

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Tiberi, Scott lead bicameral coalition to incentivize investment in distressed areas

In the News / Tags: , /Staff, The Ripon Advance

Headed up by U.S. Sens. Tim Scott (R-SC) and Cory Booker (D-NJ), along with Reps. Pat Tiberi (R-OH) and Ron Kind (D-WI), a group of legislators last week announced a coalition that will work to assist distressed communities. The coalition promises to produce legislation by the fall that will develop fresh ideas and solutions to provide access…

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#EIGIndex: Members of Congress on the left and right equally represent the most distressed communities across the U.S.

In the News / Tags: /Steve Glickman and John Lettieri, The Hill

As originally posted in The Hill. The 30 million Americans living in the most economically distressed communities across the country are equally divided into red and blue districts in Congress. This was one of the many findings from the Economic Innovation Group’s (EIG) recently released Distressed Communities Index (DCI), which analyzed and compared the local…

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Editorial: ‘Distressed cities’ report demands that candidates offer credible ideas

In the News / Tags: /Editorial, The Commercial Appeal Memphis

A new report on economic inequality and its list of “distressed cities” gives Americans, especially Memphians, another reason to pay attention to national and local elections and demand that candidates produce credible ideas about how to address the problem. A candidate’s pledge to hire more police officers and equip them with better technology certainly puts…

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There’s a fascinating difference between income inequality in red states and blue states

In the News / Tags: , /Barbara Tasch, Business Insider

Recent studies by the Economic Innovation Group and the Urban Institute have shown what states and cities are in most economic distress and in what cities the inequality between neighborhoods are the greatest. In an analysis of those, The Washington Post found that the bulk of cities with the biggest inequalities were located in red…

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The most distressed cities are in blue states. The most unequal are in red states.

In the News / Tags: /Janell Ross, Washington Post

In this, the pre-primary 2016 presidential race season, it’s clear that Democrats plan to make economic health and inequality a major theme of the campaign. The Elizabeth Warren movement has forced all Democrats to talk in these terms. And indeed, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley have all begun talking about these issues…

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Which US states are in the most economic distress?

In the News / Tags: /Barbara Tasch, World Economic Forum

The Economic Innovation Group (EIG) recently looked at which states had the highest percentage of their population living in economic distress, and a clear trend appeared. The Southeast of the US, which has always struggled with poverty, still has the highest concentration of people living in economic distress.

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Report: Tucson ranks high for economic distress, startups could be solution

A new report highlighted the City of Tucson as one of the most economically distressed large cities in the country. Tucson is ranked as ninth in the Distressed Communities Index released by the Economic Innovation Group, a bipartisan advocacy group based in Washington D.C. Phoenix was ranked 11th. The index analyzes factors such as from…

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Chicago called nation’s 8th most distressed city

In the News / Tags: /Corilyn Shropshire, Chicago Tribune

Chicago is the nation’s 8th most distressed large city, according to a report. Detroit topped the list compiled by Economic Innovation Group, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank. Also ranking ahead of Chicago, in order, were Memphis, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Baltimore, Fresno, Calif., and Las Vegas. Rounding out the top 10, after Chicago, were Tucson and Houston.

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Stressed Out

In the News / Tags: /Toby Sells, Memphis Flyer

More than half of Memphians live in economically distressed communities. That’s according to a new study from a Washington think tank identifying these areas in the hopes that Congress will use tax incentives and other means to lure more jobs and businesses to the places that need them most. The report is from the Economic…

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The 10 most distressed large cities in America

In the News / Tags: /Barbara Tasch, Business Insider

Detroit, Michigan is America’s most distressed city, according to a new study by the Economic Innovation Group (EIG) that analyzed over 25,000 ZIP codes in the US. The study examined these seven variables: educational attainment, housing vacancy rates, unemployment rates, poverty levels, median income ratios, percent changes in employment, and percent change in establishments.

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Detroit, Memphis lead new distressed community rankings

In the News / Tags: /Chris Nehls, FierceCities

According to a new statistical analysis by a bipartisan economic think tank, more than 30 million Americans live in local communities in a state of economic distress. The Washington-based Economic Innovation Group, and EIG, this week released its Distressed Communities Index, which uses seven metrics to consider the economic health of the nation’s more than 25,000…

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New Mexico ranked 7th in nation for adults living in economically depressed areas

In the News / Tags: /Steve Terrell, Santa Fe New Mexican

More than 1 in 5 adults in New Mexico live in communities or neighborhoods that can be considered “economically distressed,” according to a study released Monday by a Washington, D.C., bipartisan think tank. The Economic Innovation Group ranked New Mexico seventh in the nation for residents who live in such areas, the latest in a…

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Arizona ranks high on ‘economically distressed’ list

In the News / Tags: /Lindsey Reiser, KPHO

Many people feel the economy isn’t improving fast enough, and a new study shows Arizona has the sixth highest percentage of economically distressed people. The Economic Innovation Group used unemployment and poverty rates, and education levels to deduce that Glendale is home to one of the most distressed ZIP codes in our state. Flagstaff also made the list,…

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A First Look: EIG’s Distressed Communities Index

Today, EIG is releasing a first look at our Distressed Communities Index (DCI), a customized dataset examining economic distress spanning nearly every community throughout the country. The DCI captures data from more than 25,000 zip codes (those with populations over 500 people). In all, it covers 99 percent – 244 million – of Americans over…

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Swing state voters on the economy: It stinks

In the News / Tags: /Tory Newmyer, Fortune

Most swing state voters are feeling glum about the economic recovery and don’t expect it to improve any time soon. That’s the key takeaway from a new survey of the electorate in eight states likely to determine the 2016 presidential race. The poll paints a grim picture of popular sentiment in those states — Colorado,…

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Swing State Survey

The Economic Innovation Group (EIG) released a new survey that examines economic sentiment among 2016 likely voters in key battleground states. Survey results indicate that over five years into the official recovery, a significant percentage of swing state voters believe the U.S. economy is still in a recession and that good jobs are difficult to…

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Black unemployment remains very high. But nobody is more optimistic about the economy. Why?

In the News / Tags: /Janell Ross, Washington Post

Despite unemployment figures that easily exceed those of white Americans and household economic measures that indicate greater fragility, black and Latino likely voters were more likely to describe the current economy as sound and the economic future bright than their generally more prosperous white counterparts.

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Idea: Redevelop Distressed Neighborhoods With Venture Capital and 401(k)s

Based on a lot of macro-economic indicators, the country has rebounded quite impressively in the years since the Great Recession. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has more than doubled since 2009. National unemployment stands at 5.5 percent — almost half of what is was during the darkest days. The GDP is climbing past pre-recession levels. But it’s no mystery…

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Bay Area tech heavy hitters launch new group to sway D.C. powerbrokers

In the News / Tags: , , /Jahna Berry, San Francisco Business Times

Bay Area tech heavy hitters Ron Conway and Sean Parker are launching a tech-powered think tank that aims to leverage “ideas, resources, and innovation” from entrepreneurs and investors to fuel economic growth. The think tank, which is called Economic Innovation Group, will focus on “distressed communities,” closing the skills gap, entrepreneurship and infrastructure, according to…

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Silicon Valley types launch D.C. think tank

In the News / Tags: , , /Josh Richman, Political Blotter

Some prominent Silicon Valley names are behind a think tank and advocacy group that launched today in Washington, D.C. The Economic Innovation Group describes itself as “an ideas laboratory and advocacy organization dedicated to forging a more dynamic, entrepreneurial, and innovative U.S. economy for the 21st century” which will “convene leading voices from the public…

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