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Encouraging Entrepreneurship: GIPC Celebrates National Entrepreneurship Month

/   Courtney Paul, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Global Innovation Policy Center

Fortunately, American entrepreneurial growth doesn’t seem to be slowing any time soon. A survey published by EY and Economic Innovation Group estimated that 62 percent of millennials have considered starting their own business. And even more encouraging is that 72 percent of millennials feel entrepreneurship is “essential” for economic growth and job creation. With sentiments…

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To Create More Economic Dynamism, Empower Entrepreneurs Of Color

/   Ben Hecht and Jim Clifton, Fast Company

This is a dire problem for a country where net job creation has long been driven by young firms. By one estimate, the decline in business dynamism cost the U.S. 1 million jobs in 2014 alone. … By: Ben Hecht and Jim Clifton, Fast Company Read the full article here.

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Synod Preparations Reveal Church, Young Adults at Crossroads

/   Peter Jesserer Smith, National Catholic Register

A survey of millennials, conducted in 2016 by Ernst & Young and the Economic Innovation Group, found only 25% had “a great deal” of confidence in organized religion. The only two institutions with more than 50% confidence for millennials were the military and colleges and universities. … By: Peter Jesserer Smith, National Catholic Register Read the full…

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Where’d All the Millennial Entrepreneurs Go?

/   Jayson DeMers, Entrepreneur

Last year, John Lettieri of the Economic Innovation Group testified before the U.S. Senate that millennials were on track to be the “least entrepreneurial generation” in the past 100 years. … By: Jayson DeMers, Entrepreneur Read the full article here.

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A path for revitalizing South Dakota’s “Left Behind” Communities

/   John Lettieri and Steve Glickman, Capital Journal

As tax reform moves through Congress to spur economic growth, many Americans are still feeling left behind by the recent economic recovery. Our research shows that these anxieties are not misplaced. Economic well-being varies drastically between communities, often blocks apart from one another. One in six Americans are living in distressed communities nationwide. … By:…

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