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Why Amazon’s new headquarters won’t guarantee economic boon

/   Kim Hart, Axios

To meet Amazon’s criteria and to be able to afford to offer a big tax incentive, a city is likely to already be doing relatively well in today’s economy, said John Lettieri, Co-Founder and Senior Director for Policy & Strategy at Economic Innovation Group. “Economic development strategy can’t be based on these once-in-a-lifetime location opportunities,”…

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Tens of millions of Americans are being left out of the economic recovery — and it’s easier than ever to see who they are

/   Pedro Nicolaci da Costa, Business Insider

A new online interactive tool helps Americans visualize just how economically divided the nation has become — and it’s not a pretty picture. The country’s deep income and wealth inequalities, which match levels not seen since before the Great Depression, have been widely reported. But the Distressed Communities Index, published by a Washington-based nonprofit called…

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Southern States More Likely to Have Desperately Poor Areas With No Growth

/   Rob Williams, Newsmax

About 52.3 million individuals live in economically distressed ZIP codes, or areas that are the worst performers on the Distressed Communities Index, as measured by the Economic Innovation Group in Washington. That means to one in six Americans, or 17 percent of the U.S. population. The South has the biggest share of its population (roughly…

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What Can A Mayor Do To Change Cleveland?

/   Nick Castele, ideastream

The global financial crisis dealt Cleveland a terrible blow, and the city’s struggles with poverty and population decline have deep roots. One think tank, the Economic Innovation Group, recently placed Cleveland at the top of the list of cities that have struggled to recover from the recession. Cleveland and most of its neighborhoods have lost…

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Big Question for US Cities: Is Amazon’s HQ2 Worth the Price?

/   Christopher Rugaber, AP News

And the Economic Innovation Group, a think tank, found in a recent report that the nation’s wealthiest communities, where about one-quarter of all Americans live, captured 52 percent of new jobs from 2011 through 2015. … By: Christopher Rugaber, AP News Read the full article here.

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