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President Trump’s “Opportunity Zones” could help the majority of Fresno

/   George Hostetter, CVO Observer

President Trump wants to turn thousands of low-income areas across America into engines of economic development. … By George Hostetter, CVO Observer Read the full article here.

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Several local areas nominated for tax break ‘opportunity zones’

/   David Singer, WTOV9

Ohio Governor John Kasich has released a list of communities eligible for federal tax breaks. … By David Singer, WTOV9 Read the full article here.

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Dayton wants in on Trump’s tax reform program

/   Cornelius Frolik , Dayton Daily News

DAYTON–The state of Ohio has nominated large sections of Dayton to be opportunity zones, which under Trump’s federal tax reform bill can give tax breaks to investments in those areas. … By Cornelius Frolik, Dayton Daily News Read the full article here.

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Waterloo seeks “opportunity zone” designations

/   Tim Jamison, The Courier

WATERLOO — The city is putting its worst foot forward to secure the use of a new federal tax incentive program for distressed neighborhoods. … By Tim Jamison, The Courier Read the full article here.

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Governor designates Opportunity Zones in county

/   Brad Kellar, Herald-Banner

More than a half-dozen tracts in Hunt County have been designated as Opportunity Zones by Governor Gregg Abbott. … By Brad Kellar, Herald-Banner Read the full article here.

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