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Mapp Applies For Federal Capital Gains Tax Break Zones

/   Staff , St.John Source

Gov. Kenneth Mapp has nominated 14 neighborhoods on St. Thomas and St. Croix as Qualified Opportunity Zones, eligible for U.S. tax breaks under the massive tax bill passed by Congress last December, Government House announced. … By Staff, St.John Source Read the full article here.

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County names 16 low-income areas for potential new investment, suggests governor consider 10 more

/   Bill Dentzer, The Salt Lake Tribune

With input from local governments, Salt Lake County has sent to Gov. Gary Herbert a list of 16 poor and underdeveloped areas that could benefit from a new federal tax incentive to spur investment and suggested that the governor look at 10 more. … By Bill Dentzer, The Salt Lake Tribune Read the full article…

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Franklin applying for opportunity zones

/   Michele Holtkamp, Daily Journal

Franklin leaders are hoping up to three areas of the city can get a special designation that will allow federal tax incentives to be used to spur investment and job creation. … By Michele Holtkamp, Daily Journal Read the full article here.

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Utah leaders hope to use new tax law to create ‘Opportunity Zones’ in poor areas

/   Katie McKellar, KSL TV Salt Lake City

Thanks to a little-known section in the $1.5 trillion federal tax cut signed into law last year, states across the nation have a new tool to incentivize growth in underdeveloped poverty-stricken areas — and Utah is gearing up to take advantage of it. … By Katie McKellar, KSL TV Salt Lake City Read the full…

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County nominates two districts for new federal tax-incentive program

/   Mark Todd, Star Beacon

Two large census tracts in Ashtabula and Conneaut have been nominated by Gov. John Kasich to become Opportunity Zones, special areas of investment contained in the new federal tax bill. … By Mark Todd, Star Beacon Read the full article here.

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