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Some Banks Are Too Small to Succeed

/   Joe Ricketts, Wall Street Journal

What’s at the core of new business creation? Entrepreneurs. You know, those stubborn dreamers who can’t help but imagine how the world should be and then try to build businesses that move in that direction. Yet even though entrepreneurs can be found throughout the U.S., the capital they need for new businesses has become increasingly…

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For many cities chasing HQ2, their futures are at stake

/   Jon Talton, The Seattle Times

In Cincinnati, nearly 53 percent of residents live in economically distressed ZIP codes, with only 6 percent in prosperous ones. By contrast, barely 2 percent of Seattle city residents are in distressed ZIPs, and nearly 53 percent in prosperous ones. These data come from the Economic Innovation Group’s latest Distressed Communities Index. … By: Jon Talton, The…

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The city Amazon picks for its second headquarters will change forever

/   Kaya Yurieff and Julia Horowitz, CNNtech

“Bringing in up to 50,000 jobs into a city is pretty much an event you can’t duplicate any other way. … It’s akin to winning the lottery,” said Steve Glickman, cofounder and executive director of the Economic Innovation Group. […] Overall, HQ2 will be a “net positive” for the winning city, said John Lettieri, cofounder and…

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Orange County Competition Empowers Young Entrepreneurs

/   AH Marketing Group, RushPRNews

In a business landscape where the word “startup” is intrinsically tied to Millennial culture, it might surprise you that people under the age of 34 are starting businesses at the lowest rate in a quarter-century. During a July testimony before the U.S. Senate, John Lettieri, co-founder of the Economic Innovation Group, put it in stark…

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Haslam’s SNAP decision a slap in the face to Memphis

/   Rep. Steve Cohen, The Tennessean

The Economic Innovation Group’s (EIG) new 2017 Distressed Communities Index (DCI) lists Memphis as the sixth most distressed area among the nation’s 100 largest cities and the only city in the South at the top of the list. … By: Rep. Steve Cohen, The Tennessean Read the full article here.

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