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No to immigration, Yes to steel: words of Donald Trump

/   Guido Bolaffi, West Journal

Two worlds at war with each other, that will not take prisoners easily, like the immigration conflict, or the one over environmental protection. Or so it seems, if one takes a look at the conclusions of the recently published report by the Economic Innovation Group of the Kaufman Foundation, titled “Dynamism in Retreat”. In which…

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Best of the West: Dynamic western states, eclipse tourism, solar power boost

/   Staff, Western Governors' Association

Western states lead the country in dynamism, according to a new report by the Economic Innovation Group, a bipartisan public policy research organization. According to the study, nine of the ten most dynamic U.S. states are in the West: Nevada, Utah, Colorado, North Dakota, Texas, California, Arizona, Idaho and Wyoming all earned top spots. ……

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Is this the golden age of entrepreneurialism? The statistics say no

/   Ben Schiller, Fast Company

The lack of new business groups is a big reason for a lack of new job growth, a new report shows. In 2014, the economy hatched 154,000 fewer new companies than in 2006, despite the economy being almost 10% larger. If you assume, based on history, that each new business creates six new positions in…

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Place matters

/   Harold Meyerson, The American Prospect

In May of 2016, the Economic Innovation Group (EIG) released a study—“The New Map of Economic Growth and Recovery”—that made no discernible impact on progressive discourse or Democrats’ strategy during that year’s campaigns. But, like the Angus Deaton-Ann Case studies on rising death rates within the white working class—which did enter progressive discourse but also…

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Millennials looking for leaders in mobile business banking

/   Wendy Conley, D+H

While EY reports that 55% of millennials believe they are more entrepreneurial than previous generations, the data shows that a still significant portion are seeking corporate jobs, burdened by student loans and other long-term debt. … By: Wendy Conley, D+H Read the full article here.

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