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Survey: Swing state voters rate economy ‘not good’ or ‘poor’ — and lean Republican

/   Philip Klein, Washington Examiner

Sixty-one percent of voters living in eight political swing states rate the economy as “not good” or “poor,” according to a new study conducted by a group led by former Obama administration advisers.

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Can We Turn Around America’s Distressed Cities With Venture Capital And 401K Plans?

/   Ben Schiller, Fast Company

Investors can help struggling cities—they just need the right set of incentives.

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Group started by tech investors bolsters lobbying power

/   Mario Trujillo, The Hill

The Economic Innovation Group is supported by investors like Sean Parker, who co-founded Napster, and Ron Conway, who founded SV Angel. It aims to focus on the benefits of start-ups and private investment in public policy, billing itself as an advocacy and policy shop. In the past few months, it has released papers about how…

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What If Americans Invested Stock in Distressed Cities?

/   Liz Farmer, GOVERNING

Economists have a new idea that could revolutionize how struggling cities attract private funds.

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Idea: Redevelop Distressed Neighborhoods With Venture Capital and 401(k)s

Based on a lot of macro-economic indicators, the country has rebounded quite impressively in the years since the Great Recession. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has more than doubled since 2009. National unemployment stands at 5.5 percent — almost half of what is was during the darkest days. The GDP is climbing past pre-recession levels. But it’s no mystery…

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