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Dr. Kevin Hassett testimony before U.S. Senate

/   Dr. Kevin Allen Hassett, U.S. Senate

A recent example of this would be my work with the Economic Innovation Group, where I explore the causes and cures of the striking geographic income inequality that we see today in America. EIG researchers have worked hard to identify and measure distress, and have constructed publicly available datasets that shed light on the communities…

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Where did 3.4 million jobs go?

/   Dave Gonigam, Agora Financial

“In the popular consciousness, startups have never been more celebrated or focused on,” says John Lettieri, founder of the Economic Innovation Group. No doubt. As we mentioned on Friday, Facebook has gone from a dorm-room project 13 years ago to the fifth-most-valuable public company in the world today. Uber, meanwhile, hasn’t gone public… but it’s…

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The US jobs market is much worse than the official data suggest: The full story

/   Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge

The US jobs market has been described as the backbone of the recovery – 80 months of continuous jobs growth with unemployment hitting 4.3% – the lowest since 2001. However the perceived strength in jobs creation is at odds with other economic indicators. … By: Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge Read the full article here.

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Readying for post-US order

/   Ravi Velloor, The Straits Times

Despite the outward optimism of an economy running at near-full employment, the research firm Economic Innovation Group recently reported startling evidence of dropping economic dynamism that has gone on largely unnoticed for nearly a quarter of a century. The worst performers are the heartland states around the Great Lakes. … By: Ravi Velloor, The Straits Times…

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Study shows economic dynamism decline; Utah Valley Specialty Hospital recognized

/   Karissa Neely, Daily Herald

The Economic Innovation Group released the Index of State Dynamism, a new way to measure and analyze the long-term decline in economic dynamism across the United States. EIG’s analysis reveals a widespread departure from the entrepreneurial, mobile, and opportunistic traits that defined the most prosperous decades of the U.S. economy. … By: Karissa Neely, Daily Herald…

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