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How to deal with ‘left behind’ America

/   James Pethokoukis, American Enterprise Institute

Recent attention — thanks in good part to the 2016 elections — on inequality and mobility issues has focused on America’s “left behind” Appalachian and Rust Belt regions, such as depicted in “Hillbilly Elegy“. A couple of recent Economic Innovation Group reports add context. … By: James Pethokoukis, American Enterprise Institute Read the full article…

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Ohio’s economic recovery lags nation, experts testify

/   Sabrina Eaton,

WASHINGTON –  Ohio’s recovery from recession has lagged other parts of the country because its economy lacks “dynamism” and the state has a poor rate of rate of new business formation, a think tank representative told a congressional committee on Wednesday. John Lettieri of the Economic Innovation Group – which authored a study last year that…

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Why has the economic recovery been so uneven, especially in Ohio?

/   Jessica Wehrman, The Columbus Dispatch

Rep. Pat Tiberi is delving into why the economic recovery has been uneven, with some parts of the country bouncing back while others continue to struggle. The Genoa Township Republican is the chairman of the Joint Economic Committee, a panel of House members and U.S. senators tasked with reviewing economic conditions and recommending improvements in…

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How to handle an economy that no longer works for you

/   Karl Stauber, GoDan River

In 1969, the median household income in Danville, Pittsylvania County and the United States were all within a few dollars of each other — right around $8,000. By 2015, the comparable numbers were approximately $65,000 for Virginia, $56,000 for the United States, $42,000 for Pittsylvania County and $34,000 for Danville. (For more information, see our…

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Bipartisan legislation to bring private investment to America’s “emerging markets”

/   Dennis Price, Impact Alpha

More than three-quarters of all venture capital investment went to California, New York and Massachusetts last year. A new bipartisan bill, the “Investing in Opportunity Act,” aims to spread the wealth by tapping the $2 trillion in unrealized capital gains in stocks and mutual funds. The bill would set up “Opportunity Funds” in underserved “Opportunity…

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