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Trigaux: Florida may still show some flash but nation’s dynamic economy is in freefall

/   Robert Trigaux, Tampa Bay Times

“America’s economic engine is losing steam,” warns a series of new and compelling reports. One analysis called “Dynamism in Retreat” outlines the steady decline of the dynamic U.S. economy. A second analysis called the “Index of State Dynamism” was issued in May and tries to assess each state’s economy based on its dynamism. The reports…

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Why do millennial keep leaking government secrets?

/   Malcolm Harris, The Washington Post

A 2016 poll by the Economic Innovation Group found that 72 percent of millennials had low confidence in the federal government. Manning and Snowden have had as big an impact as any other individuals I can think of in our cohort. A cynical observer might say they were after fame, but the consequences they have…

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Recent Research: Making the case for more economic dynamism

/   Jonathan Dworin, The State Science & Technology Institute

Dynamism is a broad term that refers to the scale and rate of an economy’s changes across a variety of measures. Since the 1990s, the United States has seen a pervasive decline in dynamism according to the Index of State Dynamism, a new report from the Economic Innovation Group (EIG). The study found the Great…

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Trump’s economic gamble

/   Ronald Brownstein, The Atlantic

Together these sectors account for over four times as many jobs as the manufacturing, mining, and construction industries Trump touts. Against these realities, Trump’s drive to boost those industries looks like the economic equivalent of his approach to cultural and demographic change: an attempt to restore an irretrievable earlier America. Compared to the overall economy,…

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The communities winning the war for skilled talent

/   Joshua Wright, Emsi

Decreased mobility is a key signal that dynamism is in retreat, to use the Economic Innovation Group’s description. Add to this the talent crunch that many regions with unemployment below 3% are already feeling and this means communities will have to be more creative to find and recruit the workers that businesses need to grow….

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