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SAISD Plans to Tackle Poverty One School at a Time

/   Bekah McNeel, Rivard Report

Over the past five years, the Pew Research Center and urban studies theorist Richard Florida have ranked San Antonio as the most economically segregated city in the U.S., and the most recent Distressed Communities Index from the Economic Innovation Group supports these findings. The greater San Antonio area’s 16 independent school districts are clear indicators…

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Growing local economies

/   Senator Shelley Moore Capito, The Inter-Mountain

According to a new report from the Economic Innovation Group, more than one third of West Virginians live in distressed communities. After onerous regulations targeted West Virginia for nearly a decade, it’s no surprise that many are out of work and our local communities are struggling. Between 2011 and 2015, these communities lost jobs and…

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We won’t be rebuilding Houston any time soon

/   Todd Hitt, The Washington Post

The Economic Innovation Group recently reported last week that the vast majority of new jobs created in our country are in the nation’s wealthiest neighborhoods. Poorer communities are losing businesses and entrepreneurs. Individuals in these communities have few opportunities, and, according to the EIG, most are relying on a high school diploma or less to…

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Margolis: Vermont’s future as the un-Boston

/   Jon Margolis, VTDigger

[The] “New Map of Economic Growth and Recovery” [was] published last year by the Economic Innovation Group, a business-oriented research and advocacy organization based in Washington. The connection between prosperity and the metropolis seems almost a law of nature, not even limited to the United States. … By: Jon Margolis, VTDigger Read the full article…

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New report shows which zip codes in San Antonio are doing best economically

/   Kelsey Bradshaw, My San Antonio

A new report, detailing which communities across the country are economically in the pits, shows which areas of San Antonio are doing well and which are doing not so well. The Economic Innovation Group released its 2017 Distressed Communities Index this year, which was created using Census Bureau data from 2011-2015. … By: Kelsey Bradshaw,…

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