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Can Memphis boom and bust at the same time?

/   David Waters, The Commercial Appeal

Some of the city’s movers and shakers gathered in an East Memphis hotel ballroom Tuesday to “Celebrate What’s Right About Memphis.” In this case, it’s the billions of dollars now being invested in big building projects from Crosstown Concourse to Central Station to remake the city. “We’re too hard on this city,” Andy Cates, the…

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Combatting the Geographic Divide between Rich and Poor

/   Jason Wiens, Kauffman Foundation

From presidential candidates to pundits, a lot of people are talking these days about income inequality. What gets much less attention, however, is the geographic manifestation of the divide between rich and poor. Earlier this year, the Economic Innovation Group, a new research and policy organization in D.C., released a comprehensive report detailing the economic…

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Senate Bill Offers Incentive for Investing

/   Peter Zampa, Newscenter 11

Big businesses could be taking an ax to poverty. Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are getting creative with a new bill that would defer capital gains taxes, and allow corporations to put that money towards impoverished communities. “We’d see more hope in the eyes and the hearts of young Americans,” said Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC). Scott…

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Should There Be Tax Breaks For Investing In Distressed Communities?

/   Ben Schiller, Fast Company

Increasingly, America looks like two countries, with some places bounding ahead and others falling behind. The recession exacerbated long-running economic gaps. And now 50 million Americans live in “distressed ZIP codes”hampered by low investment and persistent unemployment. It’s these ZIPs that are the focus of a new bill in Congress called the Investing in Opportunity…

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Cory Booker and Tim Scott’s Bipartisan Plan to Wage a Smart War on Poverty

/   John Avlon, The Daily Beast

Demagogues always do well in economic downturns, but this surreal presidential cycle has so far been defined by the rise of populist anger during an economic expansion. One reason why: The recovery from the Great Recession has not been equally distributed. America’s poorest ZIP Codes have seen a deepening of economic despair during the Obama…

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