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GOP Senators Launch Poverty Focus Group

/   Bridget Bowman, Roll Call

A small group of Republican senators launched an effort Wednesday to address poverty and expand economic opportunities, as some GOP leaders seek to make inequality an issue for their party. “Often we rush to talk, but we decided that we would listen,” said Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C. He described how he and the four other members of…

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Millennials: You Can’t Afford a Startup. Time to Get a Job

/   Suzanne Woolley, Bloomberg

Young Americans aged 18 to 34 (also known as millennials) apparently love the idea of being entrepreneurs. Since many are burdened with massive student debt, they can’t afford to launch startups. So a new survey shows they’ll grudgingly join America’s corporate workforce. More than 55 percent of them think their generation is more entrepreneurial than were Generation…

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We expect millennials to do great things. Maybe we shouldn’t.

/   Ana Swanson, The Washington Post

We often think of millennials as the “start-up generation” – apt to jump from job to job in pursuit of the next cool technology or popular idea. In an article published on Mic on Monday, Hillary Clinton called millennials “the most open, diverse and entrepreneurial generation in our country’s history.” Millennials are certainly diverse, and they…

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Tim Scott rounds up GOP senators to focus on poverty

/   Jon Ward, Yahoo News

Tim Scott was doodling in my notebook. The Republican U.S. senator and I were having dinner before he and a few staffers were to make the three-hour drive to Charleston, so he could sleep in his own bed that night. But first, I’d asked him to explain how his idea to defer capital gains taxes…

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Dear Next President: Lend a Hand to Our Entrepreneurs

/   Steve Glickman and John Lettieri, The Daily Beast

Dear Madam or Mister President: The United States is facing an emerging national crisis simmering just below the surface, one that risks tearing apart the delicate economic, social, and political fabric that binds this nation together. The economy is no longer providing growth and opportunity for vast portions of the country—myriad communities and millions of…

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