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I’m from the Boston area — here’s why I think it’s the last place Amazon should build HQ2.

/   Melia Robinson, Business Insider

Boston was just named a finalist for Amazon’s much-desired second headquarters. As a native of the Greater Boston area, I think it’s a terrible idea. … By Melia Robinson, Business Insider Read the full article here.

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The Rural Advantage: How to Make the Best of What We Have

/   Melanie Plenda, The Keene Sentinel

Did you ever wonder what would have happened if Rapunzel, trapped in that tall tower in the middle of rural nowhere all those years, used her ingenuity and available resources to fashion her hair into some kind of ladder to get herself out? … By Melanie Plenda, The Keene Sentinel Read the full article here.

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Costs of living are eating Colorado’s prosperity, Bell Policy Center finds.

/   Joey Bunch, Durango Herald

The Bell Policy Center in Denver released a report Friday that should give pause to lawmakers giddy over the state’s appearance of prosperity. … By Joey Bunch, Durango Herald Read the full article here.

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Another explanation for why S.A. is so economically segregated

/   Fernando Centeno, San Antonio Express-News

Trinity professor Christine Drennon’s recent response (“Explaining economic segregation; Is San Antonio really the most economically segregated city in the U.S.?” Dec. 24, Opinion) to an assessment by the Economic Innovation Group in Washington, D.C., prompts me to respond in turn — in the context of having studied our socioeconomic record and as a native…

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The rise of the superstar company

/   Rana Foroohar, The Financial Times

It seems inevitable that Oprah Winfrey, America’s empathiser-in-chief, would emerge as the Democratic dream of a candidate to beat Donald Trump in 2020. … By Rana Foroohar, The Financial Times. Read the full article here.  

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