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LETTER: Rep. Sewell supports bill to help distressed communities

/   John Lettieri and Steve Glickman, Tuscaloosa News

As tax reform moves through Congress with the goal of spurring economic growth, many Americans are still feeling left behind by the economic recovery. Our recent research shows that these anxieties are not misplaced. Economic well-being varies drastically between communities, often blocks apart from one another. One in six Americans are living in distressed communities…

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The Prosperity Fund Works With Colleges to Stimulate Growth in Coal Region

/   Staff, Southern Research

The Economic Innovation Group, which studied economic well-being across the nation in an analysis, found that more than 40 percent of adults in each of the counties are not working. More than 20 percent of residents don’t have a high school diploma, and incomes lag the state average. … By: Staff, Southern Research Read the…

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The Upside Down World of America the Turbulent

/   Manoj Joshi,

Larger and more worrying trends show that many parts of the country are being left behind by the current economy according to a county-by-county report of the Economic Innovation Group. … By: Manoj Joshi, The Wire Read the full article here.

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The Tech World Needs to Get Serious About the Wage Gap

/   Tim Bajarin, PC Magazine

The chart below from the Economic Innovation Group Communities Index, which shows just how distressed many communities are in the US, should be very troubling to tech leaders and government officials. … By: Tim Bajarin, PC Magazine Read the full article here.

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More innovation needed from top tech companies

/   John Thornhill, Financial Times

The Economic Innovation Group, a think-tank in Washington DC, has argued that in spite of all the talk about the accelerating rate of change, the most striking business feature in the US is the lack of dynamism, competition and innovation. … By: John Thornhill, Financial Times Read the full article here.

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