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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, and a $1 Trillion Moonshot

/   Ben Hecht, Stanford Social Innovation Review

Americaa has a crisis that much of philanthropy and the social sector writ large isn’t registering. Our job creation machine, largely built after World War II, is broken. It turns out that it is really hard to get un- and under-employed people into good jobs—even if they are trained for them—if those jobs don’t exist….

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This is what’s to blame for the missing millennial entrepreneurs

/   Kate Rogers, CNBC

Like many millennials, Candace Mitchell, now 29, graduated from Georgia Tech in 2011 with student debt. But Mitchell stands out from others her age because her debts didn’t discourage her from launching a successful start-up; instead, they motivated her. “When I started my company I was year out of college, so one of the top…

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Some people trying to combat poverty have different views of the problem than Mayor Taylor

/   Vianna Davila, San Antonio Express-News

San Antonio was ranked the least economically equal city in the country by the Economic Innovation Group’s Distressed Communities Index, which measured economic conditions in the 100 largest cities between 2010 and 2014. The report found that San Antonio, as a whole, was fairly healthy economically but the geographic divide between the prosperous and the…

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Senator Ernst Shares Iowa Small Business Owners’ Concerns At Hearing Wednesday

/   Staff, KCIM 1380

U.S. Senator Joni Ernst attended a hearing yesterday (Wednesday) that addressed the challenges and opportunities of running a small business in rural America. As a member of the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Ernst relayed what she has been hearing from rural business owners during her 99-county Iowa tours. She questioned Co-founder and…

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Ladies, start your economic engines: Let’s help more women launch businesses

/   Nydia Velazquez and Jon Cowan, New York Daily News

In certain parts of the country, entrepreneurship is booming. A well-educated creative class clusters in tight networks that easily attract bank loans, birth new businesses and create exciting jobs. But this opportunity paradise is far too concentrated, and even within these areas a whole segment of the population seems forgotten, namely women and women of…

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