About Us

Ideas + Advocacy

EIG brings together leading entrepreneurs, investors, economists, and policymakers from across the political spectrum to address America’s economic challenges.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance solutions that empower entrepreneurs and investors to forge a more dynamic and entrepreneurial economy throughout America.

America’s economic greatness is rooted in entrepreneurship and innovation. But recently, the pace of globalization and technology has far exceeded the capacity of government and other traditional institutions to keep up. Meanwhile, important voices are missing from the policy debate in Washington, which remains mired in the same, stale conversations about the economy.

It’s time to bring the entrepreneurs and investors at the leading edge of our economy to the table by leveraging their ideas, resources, and innovation to jumpstart broad-based economic growth. It’s time to focus on the practical, bipartisan solutions that can get our economy working for every corner of our country. And it’s time to join ideas with action, developing the policies and new coalitions needed to make them a reality.

That is the role of EIG – advancing innovative solutions to America’s economic challenges.

Our Priorities

EIG is working to shift the way we think about growth, investment, and job creation by focusing on three key areas.

  • Distressed Communities
    Revitalizing distressed communities through private investment
  • Economic Innovation
    Championing a more innovative U.S. economy
  • Entrepreneurship
    Supporting Entrepreneurship and the growth of new businesses
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