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National Nonprofit Meets Growing Demand for Worker Ownership

/   Steve Dubb, Nonprofit Quarterly

“As banks have consolidated, capital for small businesses has grown scarce,” Anzilotti notes. In making this statement, Anzilotti was referred to a report released last year by the Washington, DC-based Economic Innovation Group, which found that more small businesses were closing than opening, “revealing a stark reversal from decades of growth,” according to Mike Maciag…

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Why white collar job loss is hurting factory towns

/   Patrick Sisson, Curbed

With the abandoned smokestacks off the bay and ramshackle factories along 12th Street, it’s easy to pin the blame for this industrial city’s plight on the loss of manufacturing jobs to China and Mexico. … By Patrick Sisson, Curbed Read the full article here.

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Nation needs safety nets for the ‘unwanted’.

/   Jack Stevenson, The Fayette Tribune

The wealthiest nation in the world, ours, has about 600,000 people who are homeless and living — or existing — on the streets. … By Jack Stevenson, The Fayette Tribune Read the full article here.

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Donald Trump’s jobs promise just about holding up but trouble may lie ahead.

/   Dominic Rushe, The Guardian

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! That was Donald Trump’s promise to America when he was elected president last November. … By: Dominic Rushe, The Guardian Read the full article here.

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Is Manufacturing’s Future All Used Up?

/   Harold Meyerson, The American Prospect

Of all the titans of our new Gilded Age, the only one to attain the status of culture hero was—and still is—Steve Jobs. … By: Harold Meyerson, The American Prospect Read the full article here.

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