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Nipsey Hussle had a plan to beat gentrification — in South L.A. and across the U.S.

/   Angel Jennings, Los Angeles Times

Nipsey Hussle’s stretch of Slauson Avenue has largely been overlooked by the gentrification boom that has transformed so many neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

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Amid a crisis of inequality, $2 trillion of tax-free investing in Opportunity Zones could benefit both rich and poor

/   R. Paul Herman, CNBC

How can a formerly failing freshman in a South Carolina high school ultimately build a path to prosperity for millions of poor people nationwide? Through the U.S. tax code, of course.

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Why Billionaires, All-Star Athletes And Wall Street Leaders Are Joining The Forbes Opportunity Zones Summit

/   Steven Bertoni, Forbes

On May 21, we’re launching our new Forbes Opportunity Zones Summit in Newark, New Jersey.

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How ‘Heartland Visas’ Could Reduce Geographic Inequality

/   Richard Florida, CityLab

Place-based immigrant visas could help revitalize America’s left-behind cities and regions, economic researchers say in a new report.

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Demographic Decline Is the Real Threat to the U.S.

/   Noah Smith, Bloomberg Businesweek

The Economic Innovation Group, a think tank, suggests using place-based visas to send skilled immigrants to declining regions.

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