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The Two Wisconsins

/   Marc Eisen, Isthmus

Today, while Dane County booms and the bigger cities in the Fox River Valley and western Wisconsin prosper, the rest of the state is largely mired in a downturn that is a recession in all but name. Wisconsin is not alone. This dichotomy is also America’s story, as the Economic Innovation Group, a centrist research…

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Margolis: Vermont’s future as the un-Boston

/   Jon Margolis, VTDigger

[The] “New Map of Economic Growth and Recovery” [was] published last year by the Economic Innovation Group, a business-oriented research and advocacy organization based in Washington. The connection between prosperity and the metropolis seems almost a law of nature, not even limited to the United States. … By: Jon Margolis, VTDigger Read the full article…

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Central Florida 100: Cockamamie contempt for pot clinics vs. the will of Florida voters

/   Tom Dyer, Orlando Sentinel

The stock market is soaring, but America’s recovery from the Great Recession remains uneven. One big reason is that recent start-up activity has been concentrated in a few specific areas, including Central Florida. Analysis by the Economic Innovation Group found that since 2010, more than half of new businesses were created in just 20 of…

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America’s lopsided economy: Tech job edition

/   James Pethokoukis, AEI

So even taking a more expansive view of what constitutes a “tech hub,” there’ s a whole lot of territory and population nowhere near any of them. It’s a map that immediately reminded me of a similar one from the Economic Innovation Group showing the lopsided nature of the current economic recovery in terms of…

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How Long Will the Recovery Last?

/   Andrew Soergel, US News & World Reports

A separate report published last year by the Economic Innovation Group found that only 20 of 3,100 U.S. counties accounted for half of the country’s new businesses established between 2010 and 2014. And half of the new jobs created during that period cropped up in just 73 counties. … By: Andrew Soergel, US News &…

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