Tucked Into the Tax Bill, a Plan to Help Distressed America

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The Opportunity Zone Program Presents Opportunity for Renewable Energy Development

/   Abraham A. Reshtick & Thomas R. Burton III, National Law Review

The federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 created a tax incentive program (the “Opportunity Zone Program”) that has the potential to provide a significant amount of funding for the development of renewable energy projects.

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Assessing Dallas’ Opportunity in Opportunity Zones

/   Jeremiah Jensen, DMagazine

It’s October. And the scent of Fletcher’s corny dogs and deep-fried goodness hangs heavy in the air at Fair Park in Dallas, where hordes of Texans have gathered to honor a Lone Star tradition.

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Benefits, challenges ahead from Opportunity Zones in Baltimore, experts tell businesspeople

/   Meredith Cohn, The Baltimore Sun

There are chances to lure development to some long-ignored areas of Baltimore and other parts of the state that have newly created Opportunity Zones, but the money won’t automatically flow, a panel of experts told a crowd of businesspeople Monday.

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Government Shutdown Stymies Opportunity-Zone Investors

/   Peter Grant, Wall Street Journal

The government shutdown is putting the brakes on scores of real-estate investors and developers who have been raising hundreds of millions of dollars to take advantage of what could be one of the most attractive tax breaks in years.

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Opportunity Zones: Can a tax break for rich people really help poor people?

/   Jared Bernstein, Washington Post

Progressive economists, myself included, have been highly critical of the 2017 tax law, as it will surely deepen income inequality and starve the Treasury of needed revenue.

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Fewer new businesses are emerging than before the Great Recession

/   Shannon Vavra, Axios

The economy may be doing fine, but it’s still producing fewer new businesses every year than it did before the Great Recession struck.

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