Tucked Into the Tax Bill, a Plan to Help Distressed America

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People Of Color And Small Towns Pay A High Price For Dollar Stores, Report Finds

/   Sasha-Ann Simons, WAMU

Dollar stores are wedged into nearly every nook and cranny of the Washington metropolitan area

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Significant Interest, Variety of Issues Raised During IRS OZ Hearing

/   Michael Novogradac, Novogradac

Any question about the level of interest in proposed Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations concerning the opportunity zones (OZ) incentive was answered last Thursday.

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Opportunity knocking across Ohio

/   Editorial Board, Canton Repository

Opportunity is knocking in Ohio. Now it’s up to lawmakers in Columbus to act on a bill that will help the state make the fullest use of a relatively new federal law.

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OZ Insights: IRS Hearing and Understanding Impact

Yesterday, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) hosted a public hearing on the notice of proposed rulemaking for Investing in Opportunity Funds released last October. The hearing itself was a testament to the enthusiastic interest in the incentive: the line to get into the building was 90 minutes long at times, the auditorium was filled to…

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So many Opportunity Zones, so many questions for developers, investors

/   Keith Larson, The Real Deal

The government’s first public hearing on the popular tax incentive program drew concerns over refinancing those projects and for how long an Opportunity Zones asset can be held

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In rural Mississippi, still waiting on recovery

/   Howard Schneider, Reuters

Here’s what has happened in Leflore County, Mississippi, since the end of the U.S. recession in 2009.

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