Tucked Into the Tax Bill, a Plan to Help Distressed America

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Forbes To Launch Inaugural Opportunity Zones Summit: Investing For Impact

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Webinar: Opportunity Zones for Local Governments

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Rep. Kilmer: Economic, partisan disruption challenging nation

/   Bob Smith, Kitsap Daily News

He cited statistics from the think tank Economic Innovation Group, which created a distressed community index with data gathered from every zip code in America, including measurements of employment and unemployment, housing values, wage and salary information and the numbers of those living below the poverty line.

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Opportunity Zones: The Antidote To Los Angeles’ Housing Crisis

/   Ridaa Murad, Forbes

Opportunity zones can offer very strong investment returns, while also making a socially strong impact on the local Los Angeles community, especially in areas that have been trailing in development. The tax incentives and investment potential combined can attract the funds required to make a meaningful dent in creating supply. I encourage investors to consult a tax…

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SCSBE on Small Business and the American Worker

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New State Group to Promote Opportunity Zones

A new California organization has been formed to help investors and developers take advantage of federal Opportunity Zones. CalOZ “will promote competitive, equitable and sustainable Opportunity Zone investments in California,” according to a release from the organization. “Our state must embrace new strategies to rebuild an upward economy that works for all Californians,” said Kunal Merchant,…

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