Tucked Into the Tax Bill, a Plan to Help Distressed America

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Start-Ups Aren’t Cool Anymore

/   Stephen Harrison, The Atlantic

A lack of personal savings, competition from abroad, and the threat of another economic downturn make it harder for Millennials to thrive as entrepreneurs.

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America’s economy is both booming — and fading

/   Oren Cass, Washington Post

In a world that revolves around sound bites, headlines and tweets, the art of holding two ideas in one’s head has lost its appeal.

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Tax breaks could spur investment in Oakland’s under-developed areas

/   Rachel Sandler, San Francisco Business Times

Oakland has more “opportunity zones” than anywhere else in the Bay Area.

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Left Behind by Trump’s Boom: The Rural Americans Who Elected Him

/   Sarah Foster, Bloomberg

Tiffany Hensley’s drive home takes her through some picturesque scenery, and an ugly economy.

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Giving hope: how to help ‘working poor’ US families build a home

/   Joshua Chaffin, Financial Times

The poor must be meticulous. So Sherry Tilton writes down everything she spends.

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An anti-poverty program even conservatives can love

/   Oren Cass, Politico

For most of America, it’s been the economic recovery that wasn’t.

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