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From Great Recession to Great Reshuffling

Charting a Decade of Change Across American Communities

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Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship Hearing on Expanding Opportunities for Small Businesses Through the Tax Code

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Opportunity Zones: The Map Comes Into Focus

Key takeaways: The first phase of Opportunity Zones implementation is now complete: The U.S. Treasury Secretary has now certified the census tracts nominated by the governor of every U.S. state and territory and the mayor of Washington, D.C. For the next ten years, private investors will be eligible for certain tax benefits in return for…

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Escape Velocity

How Elite Communities Are Pulling Away in the 21st Century Race for Jobs, Businesses, and Human Capital

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Joint Economic Committee Hearing on The Promise of Opportunity Zones

May 17, 2018: John W Lettieri, Economic Innovation Group *Watch the full hearing here.

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