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Escape Velocity

How Elite Communities Are Pulling Away in the 21st Century Race for Jobs, Businesses, and Human Capital

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Joint Economic Committee Hearing on The Promise of Opportunity Zones

May 17, 2018: John W Lettieri, Economic Innovation Group *Watch the full hearing here.

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The 2017 Distressed Communities Index

The Distressed Communities Index (DCI) combines seven complementary metrics into a broad-based assessment of community economic well-being in the United States.

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Latest Data Show Entrepreneurship Remains Subdued in the United States

The U.S. Census Bureau released the latest annual update of its Business Dynamics Statistics dataset yesterday. The dataset is a critical source of information on trends in new business formation and the broader company landscape in the United States. Unfortunately, the new Census data underscores that, even as many areas of the economy continue to recover from…

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Index of State Dynamism

The Index of State Dynamism (ISD) combines seven economic indicators into a single measure of a state’s dynamism each year going back to 1992. Explore the data state by state and over time below.

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