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American Entrepreneurship in Decline

The next president will face an imminent challenge: the nation’s marked decline in new job and business creation is one of the fundamental dilemmas of our time. July 25, 2016 The United States has always been a nation of entrepreneurs, the upstarts who take risks and challenge the established order so they can build a better…

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Dear Next President: Lend a Hand to Our Entrepreneurs

We are a nation divided, in which a small percentage of the country enjoys a robust economy while others wither. The next president can do a lot by helping startups nationwide. July 29, 2016 Dear Madam or Mister President: The United States is facing an emerging national crisis simmering just below the surface, one that…

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Celebrating Startups Across America, Today and Everyday

Startups have long been a hallmark of the U.S. economy, building leading industries and creating the high-paying jobs of the future. America idealizes its most dynamic innovation hubs in places like Silicon Valley, Boston and New York, but the startup scene is present in small towns and large cities, red states and blue states, and…

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EIG’s Quarterly Entrepreneurship Reading Guide: Summer 2016

The latest and greatest research and commentary from the field. This quarter’s reading guide reviews the latest hearings, reports, and commentary on all things entrepreneurship. It goes in-depth on communities underrepresented in the nation’s startup landscape and focuses on access to capital as well.  Check out the book recommendations for some summer beach readings too….

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U.S. Senate Hearing on the Decline of American Entrepreneurship

John W Lettieri, EIG’s cofounder and senior director for policy and strategy, recently testified before the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship at its hearing on the state of American entrepreneurship. In his testimony, Lettieri spoke of the decline of U.S. entrepreneurship as the central feature of an overall decline in economic dynamism — one that…

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