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5 Key Takeaways from the Kemp Forum on Expanding Opportunity

Six Republican presidential candidates gathered in South Carolina on Saturday to discuss poverty and economic mobility in the United States at the Kemp Forum on Expanding Opportunity. EIG co-sponsored the forum along with the Jack Kemp Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, and Opportunity Lives. Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) moderated the conversation…

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Ten Questions Every Candidate Should Answer About Poverty and Opportunity in America

Tomorrow, seven Republican presidential candidates will gather at the Kemp Forum on Expanding Opportunity in Columbia, South Carolina, to discuss poverty and its causes, as well as their strategies for expanding economic opportunity in the United States (check C-SPAN or here for the live stream). EIG is proudly co-sponsoring the forum because the topic couldn’t be…

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Join EIG at the Kemp Forum on Expanding Opportunity

Many Americans still aren’t feeling the recovery from the Great Recession, and the state of our economy is too complex to be captured by political slogans or broad, national numbers that only tell one story for millions of people. That’s why EIG is building a richer understanding of our economic well-being by closely examining geographic…

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The Success of Older Entrepreneurs

It’s easy to forget that the 20-something coder is not the only face of entrepreneurship in the United States today. This infographic, originally posted at The Payroll Blog, details how older entrepreneurs have started some of the country’s most well-known and successful companies. Experience, contacts, wealth, and wisdom: All typically increase with age and serve…

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Your Global Entrepreneurship Week Reading List

It’s Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), and EIG has used the occasion to pull together the latest and greatest readings on the state of entrepreneurship in the United States.  GEW is a global celebration of entrepreneurs and everything they represent—ideas, risk, opportunity, development.  And while the United States remains one of the most entrepreneurial nations on…

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