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Latest Census Data Confirms Stagnation in U.S. Startup Landscape

The U.S. Census Bureau’s Business Dynamics Statistics (BDS) program released its estimates for the year 2014 this week. BDS provides invaluable insight into the firm-level dynamics of creative destruction in the economy, tracking firm startups and shutdowns, establishment openings and closings, and the employment changes associated with each at the national, state, and metropolitan area…

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Cash-Starved Startups See Some Daylight

In the wake of the Great Recession, seed money for entrepreneurs has mostly gone to a very few locations, but the good news is that this is beginning to change. A little. July 27, 2016 Entrepreneurs perhaps never have been more celebrated in American culture than they are today. But that popularity is at odds with…

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The American Dream Is on the Ropes

The U.S. is increasingly a country of disparities, in which some areas have rebounded from the recession while others remain savaged by poverty and joblessness. July 26, 2016 The United States has long been characterized as a land of opportunity — a place where hard work and ingenuity allow a person to rise, a place where merit…

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Philadelphia Keeps Up Its Proud Tradition of Boosting Entrepreneurship

As we have been reminded this week, the City of Brotherly Love has a tradition of backing innovation since the days of Benjamin Franklin and the founding of the nation. July 28, 2016 This week, we have been reminded that Philadelphia is the birthplace of democracy’s greatest startup — the United States. Today, we wanted to highlight the…

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American Entrepreneurship in Decline

The next president will face an imminent challenge: the nation’s marked decline in new job and business creation is one of the fundamental dilemmas of our time. July 25, 2016 The United States has always been a nation of entrepreneurs, the upstarts who take risks and challenge the established order so they can build a better…

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