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IRS Releases Opportunity Fund Certification Update

Yesterday, the IRS provided new clarity on the process for obtaining Opportunity Fund certification: To become a Qualified Opportunity Fund, an eligible taxpayer self certifies.  (Thus, no approval or action by the IRS is required.)  To self-certify, a taxpayer merely completes a form (which will be released in the summer of 2018) and attaches that…

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Opportunity Zones: Tapping into a $6 Trillion Market

Today, states will begin asking the Treasury Department to bless their chosen low-income community census tracts as Opportunity Zones. We anticipate that about half of the states will submit their zone nominations by the March 21st deadline, and half will opt for the 30-day extension to April 20th. By early summer, the country’s map of…

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Celebrating Startups Across America: Startup Day 2017

Since our founding, America has been continuously reshaped by entrepreneurs working to advance their ideas into realities. These innovators gave us the lightbulb, the ability to travel through air and space, and the personal computer to name a few. Our shared history of entrepreneurship has, in many ways, defined our country and the American Dream….

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Nationwide Decline of Economic Dynamism Demonstrated in New Interactive Tool

The most dynamic state today scores like one of the least dynamic states from two decades ago Recently, EIG released our Index of State Dynamism (ISD), a new way of measuring and analyzing the long-term decline in economic dynamism across the United States. The Index allows you to view and compare changes at the state,…

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U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship Hearing on The Challenges and Opportunities of Running a Small Business in Rural America

April 26, 2017: John W Lettieri, Economic Innovation Group *Watch the full hearing here. Chairman Risch, Ranking Member Shaheen, and members of the committee, it is an honor to again have the opportunity to testify before this committee. The state of rural America is an issue of much interest and debate today. Rural entrepreneurship and…

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