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This is what’s to blame for the missing millennial entrepreneurs

/   Kate Rogers, CNBC

Like many millennials, Candace Mitchell, now 29, graduated from Georgia Tech in 2011 with student debt. But Mitchell stands out from others her age because her debts didn’t discourage her from launching a successful start-up; instead, they motivated her. “When I started my company I was year out of college, so one of the top…

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From dreamer to doer, how digital learning boosts the entrepreneurial mindset

/   Anant Agarwal, The Huffington Post

Because of the Mark Zuckerberg and Drew Houston archetypes we’ve all come to know and admire, millennials are often thought of as the generation of entrepreneurs. But, you’d be surprised to hear that millennials as a whole are, in fact, more risk-averse than previous generations. The Kauffman Foundation’s latest study of entrepreneurship found that the…

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72 percent of millennials have no confidence in the federal government

/   Staff - Robert, Daily Inequality

In a new report, “The Millennial Economy,” Ernst & Young and the Economic Innovation Group polled 1,200 American millennials (ages 18 to 34) and found that millennials no longer have confidence in some foundational elements of the establishment. … By: Staff, Daily Inequality Read the full article here.

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Student loan debt hinders Millennial entrepreneurs

/   Ahmad El-Najjar, Small Business Majority

America is facing a crisis so serious that it has the potential to cripple an entire generation of would-be entrepreneurs. Thanks to student loans, a whopping $1.3 trillion in debt is burdening 44 million American adults of all ages—even senior citizens. In fact, U.S. student loan debt is greater than the combined credit card debt…

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Most Millennials Are Hard To Manage, Are You One Of Them?

/   Andrew Medal, Forbes

Do you hate your job? Have a stormy relationship with your manager and feel locked into a 9-6 workday? If so, you may not only be one of those stereotypical “hard to manage” millennials but there could be an entrepreneur fighting for freedom within you, if you’d only let her shine. … By: Andrew Medal, Fortune…

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