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5 way to encourage kids to be entrepreneurs

/   Nellie Akalp, Mashable

That’s what Economic Innovation Group co-founder John Lettieri told the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship last year. A 2016 survey found that while millennials admire startup founders and self-employment, they’re wary of starting businesses in a touch economic climate and saddled with financial challenges (like high levels of student debt). … By:…

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Why Jersey City Missed Out On Being the Big Apple

/   Marc J. Dunkelman, The Daily Beast

As one economist [John Lettieri] testified last year before the Senate Small Business Committee: “Millennials are on track to be the least entrepreneurial generation in recent history.” … By: Marc J. Dunkelman, The Daily Beast Read the full article here.

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How Millennials Can Start a Business When They Have Personal Debt

/   Rebecca Lake, Fundera Ledger

If you’re a millennial who dreams of owning your own business, you’re not alone. According to a joint survey from EY and the Economic Innovation Group, 62% of young adults have considered starting their own business. The biggest obstacle standing in their way? For 42% of them, it’s a lack of financial means. … By: Rebecca…

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4 Tips for Millennial Entrepreneurs to Succeed

/   Staff, CEOWorld Magazine

Millennials are a unique generation that have grown up completely immersed in digital technology, with instant access to information and the power to connect with peers in any part of the globe. … By: Staff, CEOWorld Magazine Read the full article here.

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There may not be enough new jobs to compensate for robots after all

/   Steve LeVine, Axios

We reported yesterday that new startups are forming at the slowest rate on record, according to an analysis by the Economic Innovation Group. But the additional point, made by McKinsey, the consultant firm, is that even when they are formed, they aren’t lasting very long. … By: Steve LeVine, Axios Read the full article here.

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